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3 Bars High Low Indicator

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The MT4 3 Bars High Low indicator proves to be an invaluable tool for forex traders, offering a visual representation of BULLISH, BEARISH, and FLAT trends directly on the chart. Complemented by fractals for additional confirmation of BUY and SELL signals, this indicator stands out for its stability and reliability in signaling trend changes. Notably, the alerts provided are prompt, non-repainting, and offer a quick reference to the current trend direction in the upper right corner of the chart.

Key Features of the 3 Bars High Low Indicator for MT4:

  1. Trend Visualization:
  2. Fractals for Enhanced Confirmation:
  3. Buy and Sell Alerts:
    • BUY and SELL alerts are generated upon BULLISH and BEARISH trend changes. This feature ensures that traders are promptly informed about potential shifts in market dynamics, enabling timely and informed trading decisions.

Trading Strategies with the 3 Bars High Low Indicator:

3 Bars High Low Indicator

For BUY Trades:

  • Initiate a BUY trade when the indicator turns LIME, indicating a BULLISH trend.
  • Place a stop-loss below the previous low for risk management.
  • Consider taking profits when the indicator changes to YELLOW, signaling a flat trend.
  • Exit the trade at the opposite signal turning RED, indicative of a new trend change.

For SELL Trades:

  • Execute a SELL trade when the indicator turns RED, signaling a BEARISH trend.
  • Implement a stop-loss above the preceding swing high for effective risk control.
  • Set a target at the next opposite signal, where the indicator changes color, signaling a new trend.
  • Exit the trade at the opposite signal, providing confirmation of a trend change.

Multi-Time Frame Trading (MTF):

  • The indicator’s versatility extends to multi-time frame (MTF) trading, allowing traders to compare trends across different time frames. By aligning with the trend direction of a higher time frame, traders can enhance the probability of successful trades and remain in line with the prevailing market trend.


  • The 3 Bars High Low Indicator for MT4 emerges as a powerful, non-repainting trend indicator, offering BUY and SELL signals for effective forex trading. Its suitability for both new and experienced traders, coupled with its compatibility with other technical indicators, positions it as a valuable asset in the trader’s toolkit. The indicator’s free availability and user-friendly installation further contribute to its appeal, making it a must-consider tool for traders seeking reliable trend insights in their forex endeavors. Downloading and integrating this indicator can potentially elevate trading strategies by providing comprehensive trend information and timely alerts.
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