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All-ADX Indicator

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The All-ADX (Average Directional Index) Indicator for MetaTrader stands out as an exceptional technical trading tool for assessing the overall strength of market trends. Unlike the standard ADX found in most MT4 platforms, the All-ADX offers an advanced version that efficiently displays the current market conditions across various time frames on a single chart. This feature eliminates the need to switch between multiple charts, providing traders with a comprehensive view of trend strength, whether strong, weak, or ranging.

Key Features and Applications:

  1. Market Trend Strength:
    • The All-ADX is optimized to indicate the strength of trends in the market.
    • It offers insights into whether a market is trending strongly (uptrend or downtrend) or moving in a sideways direction.
  2. Suitability for Different Trading Styles:
    • Suitable for traders with varying experience levels, including both novice and experienced traders.
    • Compatible with different trading styles, such as scalping, day trading, and swing trading.

Reliability of the ADX Indicator:

The ADX indicator, including the All-ADX, is highly reliable for assessing trend strength. As an indicator that focuses on the strength and weaknesses of trends, it provides accurate signals. While it can be used as a stand-alone indicator, traders may find additional confirmation from other indicators to enhance decision-making.

All-ADX Indicator

Using the All-ADX Indicator:

  • The All-ADX indicator does not indicate the direction of the trend but focuses on its strength or weakness.
  • The GREEN line signifies an uptrend, with a higher move indicating a strong bullish trend.
  • The RED line represents a downtrend, and a higher move indicates a strong bearish trend.
  • The GOLDEN line moves with the trend direction and is a key product of the ADX line.


The All-ADX indicator serves as a valuable addition to a trader’s toolbox, offering insights into trend strength and weakness. While it is not designed to generate specific BUY/SELL signals, it excels in monitoring changes in trend strength and identifying sideways movements. Traders can benefit from the clarity provided by the indicator, contributing to informed decision-making in various market conditions. As the indicator is available for free download, traders are encouraged to explore its features and incorporate it into their trading strategies. Additionally, practicing with the All-ADX on demo accounts allows traders to familiarize themselves with its behavior before applying it in live trading scenarios.

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