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ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator

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The ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator is a straightforward yet effective MetaTrader 4 indicator designed to provide insights into market breakouts. Breakouts occur when the price surpasses a predefined resistance level on the upside or a support level on the downside. Recognizing breakout zones is crucial for traders as it guides their decision-making process in response to changing market dynamics.

Key Features of ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator:

  1. Breakout Zone Identification:
    • The indicator utilizes black lines to visually indicate breakout zones on the chart. These breakout zones represent critical levels where the price has the potential to break above resistance or below support.
  2. Simplified Decision-Making:
    • By plotting breakout zones, the indicator simplifies the trader’s task of determining optimal entry and exit points. Traders can utilize this information to make informed decisions based on the observed trend direction.
  3. Versatility Across Timeframes:
    • The ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator is versatile and can be applied across different timeframes. This adaptability ensures its relevance for traders engaging in various trading styles, from intraday to longer-term strategies.

ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator BUY/SELL Signals:

ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator

  1. BUY Signal:
    • In an uptrend, traders should look for the price action breaking above the breakout zone. This breakout above the resistance level signals a BUY opportunity, and traders may consider entering long positions.
  2. SELL Signal:
    • In a downtrend, traders should focus on the price breaking below the breakout zone. This breakout below the support level serves as a SELL signal, prompting traders to consider entering short positions.
  3. Volume Confirmation:
    • While breakout zones are identified by the ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator, traders are encouraged to use volume indicators like the On-Balance-Volume (OBV) or Money Flow Index (MFI) to confirm the strength and validity of the breakout.


The ATM Pure Breakout Zone Indicator is a valuable tool for traders seeking to identify breakout zones and capitalize on trend movements. Its simplicity and compatibility across different timeframes make it accessible to a wide range of traders. By incorporating volume confirmation, traders can enhance the reliability of breakout signals. The indicator is available for free download on our website, offering traders an additional resource for technical analysis.

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