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Color OSMA Indicator

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The Color OSMA (Oscillator of the Moving Average) is a user-friendly indicator that utilizes colored histograms to offer insights into market trends. Operating on the basis of moving average oscillation, this indicator can be effectively applied to various instruments and timeframes, making it versatile for traders across different markets. Understanding its key components and signals is crucial for harnessing its potential.

Key Components:

  1. Histogram Display:
    • The Color OSMA displays histograms similar to MACD in a separate window below the price action.
  2. Color Coding:
    • Buy Signal: Green bars forming on the topside of the center line indicate a buy signal. The length of the green bars signifies the strength of bullish momentum.
    • Sell Signal: Bars with a firebrick, brownish color appearing on the lower side of the center line signal a sell opportunity. The elongation of brownish bars suggests heightened bearish pressure.

How to Use Color OSMA:

Color OSMA Indicator

  1. Buy Signal:
    • Look for green bars above the center line.
    • Longer green bars indicate stronger bullish momentum.
  2. Sell Signal:
    • Observe brownish bars below the center line.
    • Longer brownish bars signify increased bearish pressure.

Color OSMA Trading Example:

In the provided example featuring the EUR/USD weekly timeframe:

  • Buy Signal: Green bars appear as the charts start to rise, signaling a buy opportunity.
  • Monitoring the length of green bars helps gauge the strength of the bullish momentum.
  • Sell Signal: Brownish bars emerge as downtrend momentum picks up, indicating a sell opportunity.
  • Shortening bars suggest dwindling momentum.


The Color OSMA indicator, leveraging the oscillator of the moving average, offers a straightforward approach to market trend identification. By assessing the color and length of histograms, traders can make informed decisions regarding buy and sell signals. This tool proves valuable for discerning market direction and changing momentum, making it a useful addition to a trader’s toolkit. As with any indicator, it is recommended to combine it with other analysis techniques for comprehensive decision-making.

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