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Coppock Curve Indicator

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The Coppock Curve, a classic oscillator conceived by economist Edwin “Sedge” Coppock in 1965, was originally tailored for long-term investments on daily stock market charts but can also be adeptly applied to intraday charts. Below is a concise recapitulation of the trading methodology associated with the Coppock Curve:

Indicator Components:

  1. Coppock Curve:
    • Main oscillator line, often gray in color.
    • Derives from Rate of Change (ROC), making it a smoothed impulse indicator.
  2. Additional Components:
    • Gold-Colored Moving Average:
      • Smoothens the Coppock Curve.
      • Enhances clarity in discerning the curve’s direction.
    • Two-Color Bar Histogram:
      • Facilitates visualization of the Coppock Curve’s upward or downward trajectory.
      • Positioned relative to the zero level.

Trading Signals:

Coppock Curve Indicator

  1. Classic Buy Signal:
    • Initiate a long position when the Coppock Curve traverses the zero level bottom-up.
    • Cease the position upon a counter-signal or in accordance with personalized position management rules.
  2. Coppock Curve Sell Signal:
    • Execute a short position as the Coppock Curve crosses its smoothing Moving Average top-down.
    • Establish a stop-loss above recent highs, vigilantly observing a potential reverse signal.
  3. Coppock Curve Additional Signal:
    • Consider this signal when higher price chart highs align with lower Coppock Curve highs.
    • The Coppock Curve undergoes a top-down transition.
    • Implement a stop-loss above the previous high, concluding the position upon a reverse signal or utilizing a trailing-stop.



  • Issues both buy and sell signals.
  • Three signal types: zero line crossing, moving average crossing, and divergence.
  • Non-repainting.
  • Free and user-friendly.
  • Initially designed for long-term investments but adaptable to intraday forex.


  • Lack of arrows.
  • Variable effectiveness in contemporary active trading contexts.
  • Recommended to integrate with other strategies, subjecting it to rigorous testing before real-money deployment.

Note: The Coppock Curve Indicator for MT4 is downloadable for free.

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