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Float Indicator

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The Float Indicator stands out as a top-tier trend trading technical indicator, providing valuable insights into market trends. By analyzing historical chart data and current market conditions, this indicator delineates the initiation and culmination of the prevailing trend. With additional features such as DiNapoli and Fibonacci levels, the Float Indicator enhances trend identification for various currency pairs and timeframes. Understanding its usage is key to harnessing its potential effectively.

Key Components:

  1. Trend Analysis:
    • The Float Indicator displays the commencement and conclusion of the current trend in a dedicated window below the price action.
    • Indicates the duration since the detection of highs or lows.
  2. DiNapoli and Fibonacci Levels:
    • Draws DiNapoli and Fibonacci levels on the price chart.

How to Use the Float Indicator:

  1. Trend Identification:
  2. Riding the Trend:
    • Wait for the current trend to conclude.
    • Enter the market at the beginning of the subsequent trend.

Float Indicator Trading Example:

Float Indicator

In the provided example featuring USDCHF:

  • The indicator indicates that the market low occurred 37 bars ago, while the high was detected 12 bars ago.
  • A new trend is forming below the price action.
  • Opening a position aligns with riding the emerging downward trend.


The Float Indicator excels as a trend trading tool, offering insights into trend initiation and termination. By strategically timing entries based on trend transitions, traders can capitalize on market opportunities. The incorporation of DiNapoli and Fibonacci levels adds depth to trend analysis. As with any indicator, combining it with comprehensive market analysis enhances decision-making accuracy. The Float Indicator proves valuable for traders seeking a reliable tool for trend identification across different currency pairs and timeframes.

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