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Forex Emperor EA

Forex Emperor EA

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The Forex Emperor EA showcases a unique trading strategy that sets it apart from conventional methods. It implements a distinctive approach by splitting trades into smaller parts, thereby enhancing risk management and redefining how trades are managed.

Key Features of Forex Emperor:

  1. Pending Orders: Utilizes pending orders for trade execution, ensuring more favorable entry points.
  2. Profit Redistribution: Employs profits from successful trades to close off losing positions, boosting overall profitability.
  3. Stop Loss Protection: Implements a 250 pips Stop Loss for each trade, capping potential losses.
  4. Trailing Stop Exit Strategy: Includes a trailing stop in the exit strategy, allowing for increased profit capture while minimizing exposure.
  5. Avoidance of Risky Strategies: Refrains from high-risk strategies like grid or martingale, minimizing the likelihood of significant losses.

The EA’s innovative strategy involves splitting a single trade into seven smaller ones, introducing several advantages:

  1. Risk Diversification: Dividing a larger trade into smaller portions diversifies risk, reducing exposure and creating a more balanced trading scenario.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility: Managing smaller positions offers increased flexibility to adapt to evolving market conditions more effectively.

Additionally, the EA employs a refined approach to handling losing trades:

  1. Innovative Loss Management: Instead of immediately closing seven losing trades, the EA divides the next position into seven smaller parts.
  2. Offsetting Losses with Profits: Strategically utilizes profits from winning trades to gradually close the losing positions individually, effectively managing losses and potentially turning them into profitable outcomes.

This unique method optimizes risk management, minimizes losses, and offers the potential to convert losing trades into profitable ones.

Before live trading, it’s recommended to conduct a thorough week-long demo account test. Familiarizing oneself with the Forex Emperor Robot’s functionality and strategy is essential before using it in a real account.

Forex Emperor EA

Revolutionary Trade Splitting

The hallmark of Forex Emperor EA is splitting every trade into seven smaller trades automatically. This unique approach provides multiple benefits:

– Diversifies Risk – Breaking one position into multiple smaller ones spreads out risk exposure
– Flexibility – Smaller position sizes allows greater nimbleness in responding to shifting market dynamics

Forex Emperor EA

Ingenious Loss Mitigation

Unlike most EAs that simply close losing trades at a Stop Loss, Forex Emperor EA handles them differently:

– If confronted with multiple losing positions, it opens a new split trade rather than realizing losses immediately
– Strategically redistributes profits from winning trades to offset losing ones until all losses are discarded

This gradual and methodical approach prevents panic-closing trades at unfavorable times.

Forex Emperor EA

Recommendations for Emperor EA

  • Minimum account balance of 1000$.
  • It works best on GBPUSD. (work on any pair).
  • It works best on H1. (Work on any TimeFrame)


With its pioneering trade splitting methodology and advanced risk management techniques, Forex Emperor EA breaks the mold of traditional trading systems. By leveraging a measured approach focused on sustainability over reckless risk-taking, it offers a reassuring option for succeeding in the notoriously challenging world of Forex trading.

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