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GRaB Candles Short Indicator

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GRaB Candles Short utilizes color-coded candles (green, red, and blue) alongside three bands of channels to provide buy and sell signals based on market trends. It’s suitable for short-term trading and is particularly effective in one-minute timeframes, though due to high price fluctuations, analyzing price movement might be challenging. However, it remains adaptable to short-term trading strategies across various instruments.

How to Use the Indicator:

  • Buy Signal:
    • Indicates a buy signal when the candle color shifts to green, accompanied by upward-trending channel bands. Additionally, the price action should remain above the channel bands.
  • Sell Signal:
    • Indicates a sell signal when the candle color changes to red, accompanied by downward-trending channel bands. Here, the price action moves below the bands.

Trading Example:

  • During a neutral market (displayed as white-filled bars), it’s advisable to refrain from trading due to the absence of a clear trend.
  • A downtrend signal emerges when the indicator bands slope downwards, signaling increased bearish momentum. The steep slope above the price action serves as resistance during a strong trend, with the price consistently remaining below the indicator bands.
  • Red candlesticks indicate selling pressure. The trend concludes when the bands change direction, start moving upwards, and the indicator candlesticks shift from red to green.

GRaB Candles Short Indicator


GRaB Candles Short acts as a two-in-one indicator, relying on candle color changes and channel band directions for trading signals. It’s optimal for trend trading, signaling long positions when candles turn green amidst upward-trending bands, and short positions when candles turn red amidst downward-trending bands. Integrating this indicator into your trading toolbox can enhance your trend analysis and decision-making process.

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