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Lion EA MT4/MT5 + EA Source Code

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Lion EA Source Code strategically capitalizes on the inherent volatility of gold as a trading pair. The primary focus of its trading strategy revolves around identifying and acting upon breakouts of daily support and resistance levels. This straightforward yet highly effective approach proves especially advantageous for a pair as volatile as gold, enabling the EA to harness significant market movements and facilitate profit from substantial price changes.

Distinguishing itself from singular strategy EAs, the Lion EA Source Code incorporates seven different built-in strategies that operate in harmony. This multifaceted approach endows the EA with the adaptability to navigate various market conditions, ensuring a stable growth curve for investments. While losses are an inherent aspect of trading, the diverse strategies employed by Lion EA contribute to a controlled and transparent trading process, free from manipulative practices.

Lion EA MT4/MT5 + EA Source Code Lion EA MT4/MT5 + EA Source Code Lion EA MT4/MT5 + EA Source Code

A notable feature underscoring Lion EA is its unwavering commitment to risk management. This EA explicitly steers clear of high-risk trading styles like grids and martingale, notorious for their potential to amplify losses. Instead, Lion EA adopts a more conservative approach, placing emphasis on sustainable trading tactics and prioritizing the long-term financial health of the trader.

Every trade executed by the EA Source Code adheres to predefined take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL) levels, establishing clear targets and limits for each position. Additionally, the EA incorporates a trailing stop loss strategy. In the event of a trade moving in a favorable direction, the stop loss is dynamically adjusted to secure profits while maintaining leeway for further growth. This dynamic approach not only minimizes risks but also maximizes the potential for gains.

Key recommendations for optimal utilization of Lion EA include maintaining a minimum account balance of $200. For accounts with lower balances ranging from $200 to $400, it is advised to selectively run only strategies 2, 4, and 7, as they exhibit the lowest drawdowns. While the EA is specifically designed for operation with XAUUSD, it showcases versatility by accommodating any currency pair. Lion EA excels when applied to the Daily TimeFrame, demonstrating adaptability across various timeframes.


Lion EA Source Code emerges as a comprehensive and adaptable trading solution, featuring multiple strategies, robust risk management, and a commitment to transparency. With its focused approach on gold, diverse trading strategies, and prioritization of sustainability, Lion EA stands as a noteworthy tool for traders seeking a controlled and growth-oriented trading experience.

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