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Octopus Indicator

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Octopus 1 indicator, designed for MetaTrader, is a dynamic custom trading tool tailored to track market trends effectively. It utilizes histogram bars to illustrate different market sentiments, with green bars indicating a bullish move and red bars signaling a bearish move. Beyond this, the histogram bars serve a dual purpose, acting as potential trend reversal signals, marking the beginning or end of a trend.

Octopus Indicator

Key Features:

  1. Market Sentiments Display:
    • Green bars: Indicates a bullish market sentiment.
    • Red bars: Represents a bearish market sentiment.
  2. Trend Reversal Signals:
  3. Versatility for Different Trading Styles:
    • Suitable for various trading styles, including scalping, day/intraday, and swing trading.
  4. Recommended for Traders of All Levels:
    • Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or experienced trader, Octopus 1 caters to a wide range of trading expertise.

How to Trade with Octopus 1 Indicator:

  1. Identifying Optimal Trade Entry:
  2. Buy and Sell Signals:
    • For a BUY signal, ensure the market is trending upward. Wait for the Octopus 1 indicator to paint a green bar, indicating a bullish move. Open a BUY/LONG entry after the price displays a bullish candlestick pattern (e.g., bullish engulfing, order blocks).
    • Similarly, for a SELL signal, identify a downtrend and wait for the Octopus 1 indicator to paint a red bar, signifying a bearish move. Open a SELL/SHORT entry after observing a bearish candlestick pattern.
  3. Additional Indicators for Enhanced Efficiency:
    • For optimal efficiency, consider using the Octopus 1 indicator alongside price action or other technical indicators.


The Octopus 1 indicator is a valuable tool for both trending and counter-trend trading strategies. While it enhances market trend identification, it is essential to practice smart trading practices, such as trailing stop-loss when the trade is in profit. It’s important to note that no indicator is a Holy Grail. The Octopus 1 indicator is freely available for download, making it accessible for traders seeking a reliable trend-following tool.

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