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Ticks Volume Indicator

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Volume plays a crucial role in trading, providing insights into market interest and potential trends. While stock markets readily display trade volumes, the forex market requires specialized indicators for volume analysis. The Ticks Volume Indicator in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) serves this purpose by offering a visual representation of trading volume in the form of bar graphs.

Key Concepts:

  1. Volume as Market Interest:
    • In forex trading, high volume indicates significant market interest in a currency pair, suggesting a strong trend. Conversely, low volume signals a lack of interest, making the trend susceptible to reversal.
  2. Ticks Volume Indicator in MT4:
    • The Ticks Volume indicator in MT4 measures volume using ticks within a bar. It addresses the challenge of obtaining volume information in the forex market. The indicator represents this data through bar graphs, where longer bars indicate high volume, and shorter bars represent low volume.

Usage of Ticks Volume Indicator:

Ticks Volume Indicator

  1. Confirmation Indicator:
    • While the Ticks Volume indicator doesn’t generate buy or sell signals directly, it serves as a powerful confirmation indicator. It confirms the strength behind trends, similar to momentum trading.
  2. Volume during Trends:
    • During an uptrend, sustained or increasing volume reinforces the strength of the trend. Conversely, in a downtrend, high or increasing volume supports the downward momentum. Traders can consider holding positions as long as volume aligns with the trend direction.
  3. Volume and Trend Exhaustion:
    • Decreasing volume during a trend may indicate potential trend exhaustion. If volume decreases as the price moves in the trend direction, it suggests waning interest, and the price may be prone to reversal or retracement. Traders should be cautious about potential trend changes.

Ticks Volume Indicator Trading Example:

In the provided trading example of the Euro against the Japanese Yen, the Ticks Volume indicator demonstrates its performance:

  • Uptrend: During the uptrend, the indicator displays elongated bars, indicating high volume and supporting the strong trend.
  • Ranging Market: As the market enters a ranging phase, the bars become shorter, signaling low volume and a lack of clear interest from market participants.
  • Downtrend: The volume increases again during the downtrend, aligning with the significant downward movement.


The Ticks Volume indicator is a valuable tool for forex traders, offering insights into market momentum and trend strength. Traders can use it for confirmation purposes, holding positions during periods of sustained or increasing volume and being alert to potential trend changes during decreasing volume. By understanding and interpreting volume dynamics, traders can enhance their decision-making and maximize profits in the forex market.

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