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TPO Volume Indicator

TPO Volume Indicator

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What does TPO mean in trading? It means Time-Price-Opportunity.

This is the name given to the indicator by its creator, Peter Steidlmayer. He developed a special way of keeping statistics on trading activity on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His know-how was that he used letters to record at what price level the most active trade was taking place.

When you add the TPO Volume indicator to your MT4 chart, you will see exactly the market profile.

TPO Volume Indicator

The TPO (Time Price Opportunity) Volume Indicator is a tool used in market analysis, specifically in the context of the Market Profile. It’s designed to display the volume distribution within each price level based on time intervals. This indicator is primarily used in analyzing the volume profile of a trading day.

Understanding the TPO Volume Indicator:

  1. Market Profile and TPOs: The Market Profile organizes price and volume data to illustrate market behavior. TPOs represent periods (typically 30 minutes) where price moves up or down without revisiting a certain level.
  2. Volume Profile: TPO Volume Indicator combines TPOs with volume information, showing the volume traded at each price level within a specific period, indicating areas of high and low liquidity.
  3. Display and Interpretation: It’s displayed as histograms or bars on the chart, showcasing volume clusters at different price levels. High bars indicate significant trading volume at that price, while low bars indicate lower activity.
  4. Analyzing Market Behavior: Traders use this indicator to identify key price levels where significant trading activity occurred. Areas with high volume suggest strong support or resistance levels.
  5. Combining with Other Indicators: Traders often combine the TPO Volume Indicator with other technical analysis tools to validate trading decisions, such as moving averages or trendlines.

Benefits of TPO Volume Indicator:

  • Liquidity Zones: Identifies areas of high and low liquidity, aiding in pinpointing potential entry or exit points.
  • Support and Resistance: Helps in identifying significant support and resistance levels based on volume activity.
  • Volume Confirmation: Provides confirmation for price movements, validating the strength of a trend.


  • Subjective Interpretation: Interpretation of TPO Volume Indicator requires understanding market context and may vary among traders.
  • Data Sensitivity: Depending on settings and timeframes, the indicator’s readings might fluctuate, requiring adjustments for accuracy.


The TPO Volume Indicator is a valuable tool for traders, offering insights into volume distribution at various price levels over a specific period. It assists in identifying significant price zones and confirming market movements. However, its effectiveness relies on combining it with other indicators and understanding the context of the market.

1. What is the TPO Volume Indicator?

The TPO Volume Indicator is a component of market profile analysis, displaying the volume traded at each price level within a given time period. It’s represented as histograms or bars on a market profile chart, illustrating volume distribution.

2. How does the TPO Volume Indicator work?

The TPO Volume Indicator is plotted alongside TPOs (Time Price Opportunities) on a market profile chart. It shows the volume traded at each price level during specified time intervals, allowing traders to identify price levels with high or low trading activity.

3. What information does the TPO Volume Indicator provide?

This indicator offers insights into volume distribution within price levels. It helps identify areas of high or low volume, aiding in determining significant support or resistance levels and understanding market sentiment.

4. How is the TPO Volume Indicator different from standard volume indicators?

Unlike traditional volume indicators that show total volume within specific time periods (e.g., daily volume bars), the TPO Volume Indicator focuses on volume distribution at individual price levels, offering a different perspective on market activity.

5. What is the significance of the TPO Volume Indicator in trading?

Traders use the TPO Volume Indicator to analyze market structure, identify areas of high trading interest or low participation, confirm or invalidate price levels, and assess the strength of support or resistance zones.

6. How is the TPO Volume Indicator calculated?

The calculation involves tallying the volume traded at each price level within the specified time frame represented on the market profile chart, typically using histograms or bars corresponding to price levels.

7. Can the TPO Volume Indicator be used alone for trading decisions?

While the TPO Volume Indicator provides valuable insights into volume distribution, it’s often used in combination with other technical analysis tools or indicators to make informed trading decisions.

8. Are there limitations to the TPO Volume Indicator?

The TPO Volume Indicator focuses solely on volume distribution within price levels and may not provide a complete picture of market dynamics. Additionally, interpreting this indicator requires understanding market profile analysis principles.

9. Where can traders access the TPO Volume Indicator?

The TPO Volume Indicator is often available in trading platforms or software that support market profile charting. Traders can access this indicator within these platforms for market analysis.

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