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VWAP Bands Indicator

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The VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Bands indicator is a powerful tool in forex trading, offering insights similar to Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands but with a unique focus on volume. This indicator places more emphasis on volume, providing valuable information on support and resistance levels within a chart. Additionally, it reveals the fair value of a trading instrument, aiding forex traders in identifying optimal opportunities to buy low and sell high.

Key Features of VWAP Bands:

  1. Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP):
    • The middle line represents the VWAP, calculated by giving more weight to volume. It serves as the fair value price of the trading instrument.
  2. Upper and Lower Bands:
    • The upper and lower bands are formed by calculating the standard deviation from the midline. These bands provide crucial information about extreme price levels.
  3. Fair Value Price:
    • Understanding the fair value price is essential for traders. It helps in making informed decisions based on the comparison of the current price with the fair value.

VWAP Bands MT4 Indicator Trading Signals:

VWAP Bands Indicator

In the provided EURUSD H1 chart, the VWAP bands are illustrated in action. Traders can utilize the following signals for effective trading:

  1. Best Entry Price:
    • Buy at the extreme lower band for the best entry price. Conversely, sell at the extreme upper band. These points offer optimal entry positions.
  2. Price Action Confirmation:
    • While the upper and lower bands provide entry points, it’s crucial to confirm signals using price action. Traders should focus on the price action around these bands for added confirmation.
  3. Exit Strategies:
    • Traders can hold positions until an opposite signal is generated. Exiting positions should be based on a thorough analysis of the changing market conditions.

Application for Different Traders:

  1. New Traders:
    • New traders can benefit from understanding the fair value of a trading instrument and implementing a strategy of buying low and selling high.
  2. Advanced Traders:
    • Advanced traders can apply the VWAP Bands indicator across multiple time frames, employing a top-down approach. By comparing indicator values and band positions, they can plan and execute profitable trades.
  3. Intraday Traders:
    • Intraday traders can leverage the VWAP Bands in multiple time frames to create a comprehensive fair price profile. The indicator is versatile, catering to day traders, short-term, and long-term traders.


The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Bands indicator stands out as an exceptional tool for identifying the fair value price of trading instruments. With the upper and lower bands providing optimal entry points, and the midline serving as a valuable reference point, traders can make well-informed decisions. The VWAP Bands MT4 indicator, available for free download, adds a significant dimension to forex trading strategies, making it a valuable asset for traders seeking to enhance their profitability.

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