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Wolf Wave Finder Indicator

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The Wolf Wave Finder indicator for MetaTrader is a specialized forex tool created to identify Wolf Wave patterns within price action. The Wolf Wave pattern, characterized by a series of waves forming a specific pattern, is considered a potential indicator of trend reversals in the financial market.

Key Features of Wolf Wave Finder Indicator:

  1. Automated Pattern Recognition:
    • The indicator automatically detects and highlights Wolf Wave patterns on the chart. The Wolf Wave pattern typically consists of four waves, with the fifth wave indicating a potential trend reversal.
  2. Incorporation of Trendline:
    • The Wolf Wave Finder integrates a trendline tool to enhance the effectiveness of its signals. The trendline aids traders in determining the overall trend bias in the market, providing valuable insights for trading decisions.
  3. Versatility Across Timeframes:
    • Suitable for traders with different trading styles, the Wolf Wave Finder indicator is designed to work across various timeframes. This adaptability allows traders to spot potential trading opportunities, whether engaged in scalping, day trading, or swing trading.

How to Trade With Wolf Wave Finder Indicator:

Wolf Wave Finder Indicator

  1. Identification of Wolf Wave Patterns:
    • The indicator automatically identifies and marks the four-wave Wolf Wave pattern on the chart. Traders should wait for the completion of the pattern, including the fifth wave.
  2. Confirmation Using Trendline:
    • Before entering a trade, traders can use the trendline as a confirmation tool. A BUY entry may be considered when the price breaks the trendline to the upside, confirming an upward reversal. Conversely, a SELL entry may be considered when the price breaks the trendline to the downside.
  3. Conservative vs. Aggressive Trading:
    • Conservative traders may wait for additional confirmation, such as a bullish or bearish candlestick pattern, before entering a trade. Aggressive traders may act upon the completion of the Wolf Wave pattern.


The Wolf Wave Finder indicator serves as a valuable tool for traders interested in identifying potential trend reversals based on the distinctive Wolf Wave patterns. The incorporation of the trendline enhances the precision of trade entries by providing a broader context of the market trend. Traders can download this indicator for free, making it an accessible resource for technical analysis and pattern recognition in their trading activities.

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