Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant






Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant
Original price: $150/mo (= $1,800/yr)
If you prefer to trade manually, this gives a very good system and I recommend you to use this system.

ATS V5.0 is a game-changing trading software that is based on the principles of accumulation/distribution, which were originally made popular by legends like Richard Wyckoff and Jesse Livermore. Created through Action Threshold Software, this powerful software helps traders join large institutions such as hedge funds and banks, who who truly influence financial markets.

In order to trade the size they need to make maximum profits, these institutions have to move money in phases, which are known as the accumulation/distribution or Smart Money model. The ATS V5.0 enables you to trade in line with this model, and get on the side that is winning in the market.

Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant  Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant


ATS shows you a map of the Markets that leads to a much deeper understanding of what’s really going on and where the true opportunity is. Through ATS, you’ll know all of the most important price levels set by the Institutions so you can form your own trading ideas around how they move Markets while accurately defining your own risk based on “their” plan. You can think of ATS as the ultimate replacement for your Fibonacci indicator. The best part is you never have to guess where to draw your lines since the ATS algorithm automatically makes sure your analysis is perfect every time. ATS works on every time frame and in every liquid Market. Once you start trading with ATS you will never want to be without this tool again.


Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant

Based on the updated Algorithms of ATS V5.0,  you can now easily set up multiple pairs at once to notify you of your ideal market conditions to trade across MetaTrader 4. Featuring our new Dashboard Design you can easily drag and drop Instruments onto the ATS Assistant and fine-tune the Timeframes, Setup alerts, and Notifications to your exact criteria. You’ll be alerted the moment liquidity begins changing hands in the market.

ATS + ATS Assistant: A Potent Combo

If you pair the Action Threshold Software (ATS) V5.0 with its companion software, ATS Assistant V2.1 It’s an impressive combination that can give you an advantage against other investors. Its ATS Assistant is a sophisticated signal generator that is designed to inform traders of the best trading opportunities and save you a lot of time spent looking at dull charts.

Action Threshold Software Base Components

Every element in ATS has been designed to provide you a deep understanding of the exact prices to which prices will respond. Together, they offer an outline-like structure that lets you to predict the future of both markets with high precision.

The ATS V5.0 system is a non-repainting specialty software designed around smart money trading concepts (accumulation/distribution) for MT4 and TradingView platforms. For a better understanding of the way it operates in practice.

Why Choose Action Threshold Software ATS V5.0?

  • Precision: The software is designed to provide you with the most accurate and precise trading signals based on accumulation/distribution principles, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • User-friendly: With its easy-to-use interface and easy-to-use design, anyone can begin using ATS V5.0 immediately regardless of the levels of knowledge.
  • Compatible: The ATS V5.0 can be used with MT4 as well as TradingView platforms and is a multi-platform tool for traders using either platform.

If you’re looking to gain an edge in your trading take a look at Action Threshold Software V5.0 combined with its counterpart application, ATS Assistant V2.1. This powerful combination can assist you in integrating to your Smart Money model used by large financial institutions such as bank and hedge funds offering an increased chance of being successful in the highly competitive market of trading.


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