Fx phantom forex system download


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Trading Assistant EA for MT4 provides non-redrawing buy/sell signals. It is designed to be an easy-to-use trading platform for beginners and experienced traders. The software is designed to help users make informed decisions when trading in the Forex market. It is equipped with an on-screen dashboard that shows you a variety of useful information.

System contains four main components:

  1. Entry Indicator (BUY / SELL Signals).
  2. 5 Nitro Indicator
  3. Basket Dashboard
  4. Trading Assistant.

No Redrawn Arrows Indicator

Reliable signals. 100% no redraws

The indicator has audible and email alerts

You can use alerts (sound + email) as long as
Enable them in the indicator settings

Fx phantom forex system


Indicators Does Not Repaint. Not In Real Time Nor In Any Other Conditions.

Fx phantom forex system


Whenever A New Signal Will Arise, You Will Get An Instant Alert. – Standard MT4 Pop Up + Sound – Email Notification – Push (Mobile) Notification

Fx phantom forex system


Software contains detailed manual about software installation, trading rules, as well as trading tips.

Advanced Indicators

FX-Phantom contains highly advanced indicators and trading assistant. The main signal indicator making analysis of RSI, Momentum, CCI, Oscillators, ADX and WPR and presents the result in one easy-to-read signal.


Simple as that.

Fx phantom forex system

Basket Dashboard

FX-Phantom provides also unique confirmation dashboard that contains FX major pairs. When you take a trade you can always be sure, that the trade is supported by the whole market (not single pair only).

Example: You are going to take a SELL signal on EUR/NZD pair. Basket dashboard will show you the other EUR pairs current direction.

Fx phantom forex system

Trading Assistant

Fx phantom forex system

FX-Phantom contains also great trading tool that works as an expert assistant.

It will help you with easy, one-click opening all types of trades (standard/limit/stop), also trailing stop, break even profit lock, trade risk calculated on equity percentage and many more!

It provides also usefull live data, like daily performance right on your chart.

Assistant is fully ‘mobile’, you can drag it to any place on the chart or hide it on the left/right side.

Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system
Fx phantom forex system


Supported Timeframes: M1-H4
Supported Instruments: FX Pairs
Activations Number: Unlimited
  • Use the software for typical Daytrading

The Fx Phantom System is a rules-based forex trading system designed to identify high probability trades across currency pairs. It uses a proprietary custom indicator to generate trading signals on chart patterns.

Overview of Fx Phantom Trading System

The system consists of the Fx Phantom indicator which identifies trade setups, along with a defined ruleset for entries, trade management and exits. Traders follow the systematic rules and look for the indicator signals to trade forex with an edge.

It trades multiple forex pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and more. The hybrid approach combines indicator signals with discretionary analysis.

History and Creation

Fx Phantom was developed by professional forex traders Andrea Unger and Timeon Tian. It builds on Tian’s phantom trading principles and Unger’s expertise in systematic trading strategies over decades of market experience.

The system was designed to simplify forex trading through a rules-based methodology that generates high probability setups in all market conditions.

Benefits of the System

Benefits traders can realize from the Fx Phantom system include:

  • Proprietary custom indicator identifies high probability trades
  • Rules-based system removes guesswork and emotions
  • Works on multiple forex pairs and timeframes
  • Can be traded manually or automated
  • Simplifies analysis with objective entry and exit rules

How Fx Phantom System Identifies Trades

The Fx Phantom indicator produces trading signals based on defined parameters:

Proprietary Indicator and Settings

The custom Fx Phantom indicator available in MT4 uses a complex algorithm to identify trades based on multiple technical factors including momentum, breakouts and market structure.

Key settings control trade direction, strength of signal, and frequency of alerts. Traders optimize the values for market conditions.

Trade Entry Rules

Entry rules require the indicator to signal a trade, with consideration of current market context and other technical factors for confirmation. Stop loss and target parameters defined.

Exit Rules and Trade Management

In addition to entry signals, the system has objective rules for trade management like trailing stops. Exits also triggered by certain indicator patterns or reverse signals.

Fx Phantom Trading Strategies

Fx Phantom trades three types of setups:

Trend Following Entries

Trades taken in the direction of the prevailing trend when the indicator identifies continuation signals. High probability momentum trades.

Pullback Trades

Buying pullbacks in uptrends or selling bounces in downtrends based on indicator reversals at key levels.

Momentum Breakouts

Trades aimed at riding momentum when price breaks out of defined ranges confirmed with indicator signals.

Optimizing Fx Phantom System

Adjusting system parameters can optimize performance:

Adjusting Indicator Parameters

Modifying the proprietary indicator settings like signal strength, trade direction filter, and history length adapts it to changing market conditions.

Adding Filters for Market Conditions

Filters help avoid low probability trading periods, like applying minimum volatility or avoiding consolidation.

Forward Testing Strategies

Running the system across historical data identifies flaws and fine tunes strategies before live trading capital.

Using Fx Phantom with Other Analysis

Combining Fx Phantom with discretionary techniques improves edge:

Combining with Chart Patterns

Classical chart patterns like triangles, flags and wedges add more context for higher probability trades.

Incorporating Fundamental Drivers

Fundamental news events that impact forex flows can explain indicator signals and improve timing.

Identifying Dynamic Support/Resistance

Areas where prior price interacted represent better entries and exits than arbitrary round numbers.


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