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The term “best gold EA real trading strategy” typically refers to an Expert Advisor (EA) specifically tailored for trading the gold (XAUUSD) market within the Forex arena. It contrasts itself from many other gold EAs available in the market that often employ high-risk strategies like grid or martingale systems.

These high-risk strategies might be presented under the guise of sophisticated technologies like neural networks, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. However, experienced traders can discern that they essentially operate as grid or martingale systems, which, despite appearing successful in backtesting scenarios, frequently lead to significant losses and account wipeouts in live trading due to gold’s inherent volatility.

The “Best Gold EA” distinguishes itself by utilizing a simpler and less risky trading strategy based on identifying breakouts at daily support and resistance levels, specifically designed to suit the volatility of the gold market.

Key characteristics of this EA include:

  1. Risk Management: Each trade initiated by the EA includes predefined Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Additionally, the EA incorporates a Trailing Stop mechanism to reduce risk and maximize potential profits as the trade progresses favorably.
  2. Multiple Strategies: The EA incorporates seven different strategies that synergistically work together to establish a more stable growth curve, albeit occasionally experiencing losses. These strategies aim to minimize retracements and reduce overall risk.
  3. Promotional Offer: There’s currently a launch promotion for the EA, offering it at a significantly reduced price for a limited number of copies before the price increases.
  4. Setup and Recommendations: The setup process is straightforward, involving attaching the EA to the daily XAUUSD chart and adjusting lot size settings. The EA provides guidance on strategies suitable for different account balances, along with recommended risk settings starting at 1% per trade.

Launch Promotion!

Only a few copies left for $49.98!
Next price: 500$

Setup EA:

Recommended Pair: XAUUSD/Gold

Timeframe: Daily

Minimum balance: 200$

Setup is very simple. Just open the gold chart for the daily timeframe, drag the EA to the chart and set the lot size settings.

For low balance accounts ($200-$400) I recommend only running strategies 2,4 and 7 as they have the lowest retracements.

Risk Settings: I recommend using “Risk per trade” and start with 1% risk per trade. You can always increase the risk if you feel comfortable.

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