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Gold Trade Pro EA is a volatility strategy for markets that are flat 80-90% of the time.Gold Trade Pro EA trading is optimised for the XAUUSD (GOLD) currency pair.

It is a trend sell strategy that uses the TrendLine PRO indicator as an input signal.

EA any variety can be used without limitations.
We recommend gold.

Original price: $199

Version: 4.9

EA trading opens the first order based on the indicator signal and fixes the TP at the given level, but if the price does not reach the TP level and rolls back, it automatically opens an additional order that averages the total TP level closer to the entry point.

The robot’s trading panel allows you to open orders manually by the user. The advisor will integrate them into a series of order systems and close them as their own with a common target price.

Gold Trade Pro EA

Gold Trade Pro EA Gold Trade Pro EA

Advantages of Gold Trade Pro EA Intelligent Trading System:

EA trading trades almost every single day

Compatible with other Expert Advisors and trading systems. Compatible with other Expert Advisors and trading

EA has an trading panel that lets traders open trades by hand

All trades that are opened via the trading panel will be supervised by EA Trading and closed automatically

How to set up Gold Trade Pro EA:

Add EA trades on the XAUUSD charts and enable EA trades, as well as the auto-trading feature within the Meta Trader terminal.

To activate the news filter you need to add the website address in the Meta Trader settings, for a more detailed description:

To ensure the efficient operation of advisors, a continuous internet connection as well as a VPS are essential.

Use only accounts for hedges with leverage of 1:200 or above

Brokers with low spreads are recommended. Minimum deposit of $1,000 or cents per cent (micro) accounts

How do I check Gold Trade Pro EA Expert Advisor:

Before you test, ensure that before you test, make sure that the XAUUSD symbol comes with a history of quotes. the price at the time of opening or 1M OCHL for the EA trades at the price of opening.

To accelerate the test, deactivate the options in the settings Show Panel Calculate Profit, Show Break-even Line. Use the default settings of M15 graphs.

How to stay clear of unfavorable market volatility:

To keep out price fluctuations that are strong to the trend, EA trading has a higher timeframe filter (higher timeframe filter) which allows the opening of new trades only when the indicators of the current timeframe are consistent with the trends of earlier timeframes.

Set up a News Filter to allow ADVISER to stop trading around important news announcements.

The past data is not a guarantee of identical results in the future.

Applying the correct money management guidelines and hedge risks will provide you with regular positive results on the Forex market.

Counterfeit products sold on the Internet are not connected to genuine products and don’t follow the advice of the adviser.


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