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The Half Trend Buy Sell MT4 Indicator stands out as a top-tier trend following tool, catering to the needs of online forex traders by offering precise trend direction indications. As a non-repainting Metatrader 4 indicator, it furnishes real-time BUY and SELL signals through distinct arrows, elevating its efficacy. Notably, this indicator is celebrated for delivering reliable exit signals, making it an all-encompassing solution for traders.

Key Features of the Half Trend Buy Sell MT4 Indicator:

  1. Trend Following Accuracy:
    • Utilizing moving averages, the indicator excels in providing accurate signals, making it a quintessential trend following instrument. Traders can confidently apply it across various time frames for successful intraday trading.
  2. Non-Repainting Signal Arrows:
    • The indicator’s non-repainting nature enhances its credibility, assuring traders that the signals provided are steadfast and reliable. This quality is particularly crucial in trend trading, where precision is paramount.
  3. Trend Strength Indication:
    • Offering a nuanced perspective, the indicator indicates trend strength through color variations. A flat indicator suggests the absence of a trend, while a slope in the indicator aligns with the prevailing trend. Steeper slopes denote stronger trends, with BLUE indicating a robust uptrend and RED signaling a compelling downtrend.

Trading with the Half Trend Buy Sell Metatrader 4 Indicator:

Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator

For a BUY Situation:

For a SELL Situation:

  • Price is positioned below the indicator.
  • The indicator assumes a RED color.
  • A RED arrow signal confirms the SELL signal.

Trade Management:

  • Once a trade is initiated based on the confirmed entry signals, traders can hold the position, riding the trend until an opposite signal triggers an exit. Placing a stop-loss below the prior swing low for BUY positions and above the preceding high for SELL positions helps manage risk effectively.

Suitability and Accessibility:

  • With its straightforward entry and exit signals, coupled with trend strength validation, the Half Trend Buy Sell MT4 Indicator caters to both novice and seasoned online forex traders. Its simplicity in visual interpretation makes it an ideal tool for intraday and swing traders alike. As a free-to-download Metatrader 4 indicator, it ensures accessibility for a broad spectrum of traders.


  • The Half Trend Buy Sell MT4 Indicator emerges as a comprehensive solution for forex trend trading. Its provision of accurate entry and exit signals, complemented by trend strength indications, positions it as a reliable tool for traders. With a commitment to non-repainting signals, this Metatrader 4 indicator adds a layer of dependability, contributing to its status as a valuable asset for online forex traders. Downloading this indicator opens the door to a robust trend following strategy with the assurance of precise signals.


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