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To ensure that the Legacy of Gann Indicator matches your personal trading preferences The following settings can be customised, which are available to you. These include the ability to choose the colour of the buy and sell targets, the size of the signal arrows, the colour of the stop level and other risk management parameters. The indicator is also flexible in terms of alert options, allowing pop-up notifications, email alerts and push notifications to keep you informed even when you are far away from the trading centre.

The Legacy of Gann Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is based on the ideas of W.D. Gann, an influential figure in the trading scene of the early 20th century. Gann’s philosophy of market analysis was based on the idea that markets are cyclical and that past price movements can be used to predict the direction of future price movements. Although not universally recognised and often flawed, Gann’s influence on technical analysis remains.

Legacy of Gann Indicator Legacy of Gann Indicator Legacy of Gann Indicator Legacy of Gann Indicator

This indicator uses a variety of Gann calculations to give you useful information on price charts, such as an indicator called the Square of 9 for potential levels of resistance and support, up and down Angles to detect trends and Gann Squares to identify possible zones of resistance and support that are based on the Price bar’s range.

Customization Options:

  • Buy and Sell Target Colors
  • Signal Arrow Size
  • Stop Level Color
  • Risk Management Parameters
  • Alert Options (Pop-Up, Email, PUSH)

Key Advantages:

  1. Professional and user-friendly interface: The indicator caters to both experienced and novice traders, offering an effortless trading experience.
  2. Correct Buy and sell Signs Analyzing the market in real time provides exact entry and exit locations, and is accompanied by Take profits levels.
  3. accessibility Push notifications help traders stay informed of opportunities, even when they are away and prevents them from missing profitable opportunities to set up.
  4. Simple: Automated market analysis simplifies Gann’s philosophies, giving precise and actionable indicators.


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