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Premium version of the Risk Calculator and a brand new Risk Calculator toolbar!

The two versions are both included!


Forex Position Size Calculator

It is suitable for MT4 and MT5 Uses leverage!

It is easy to calculate the risk % and the lot size directly in your MetaTrader terminal with a touch of magic!

We now are able to support Cash Risk

Do not think about math when you make important trade decisions.

Risk Calculator (MetaTrader indicator) tells you how many lots to trade on the basis of:

  • Based on the entry and stop-loss levels
  • Risk tolerance
  • Size of your account (balance equity, balance, or perhaps the size of your savings account)
  • Currency of the account
  • The price of the currency quoted (when different from the currency in the account)


Manage your risk

Easily calculate risk % and your lot size right from your MetaTrader terminal. Remove thinking about calculations when making important trading decisions.

The best MetaTrader Expert Advisor for calculating your position size.

Check out our all new Risk Calculator Toolbar!

Risk Calculator Order Manager MT4/MT5 Risk Calculator Order Manager MT4/MT5

Risk Calculator Trade Manager

Manage all of your trade here in a tidy neat and clean table!

Risk Calculator Order Manager MT4/MT5

Risk Calculator Order Manager MT4/MT5

Here you can manage your trades according to pairs / symbols
Close the desired percentage of trades by using preset buttons
Close custom percentages
Stop all trades at one time
Auto Breakeven
Manual Breakeven
Partial Take Profit
Trailing Stop Loss

Utilizing the Risk Calculator you can easily put a percentage of risk on every trade. In the process of executing an immediate trade.

Risk of Forex to reward
Determine the risk and amount of the trade prior to making your trade. Live on your terminal prior to you start your trade.

Forex Lock
Lock in your risk and trading percentage with confidence knowing that you aren’t the calculation being incorrect.


The trading process can be stressful and at times unpredictable. This is why it is recommended to calculate your risk and the size of your lot prior to entering into any transaction so that you don’t blow your your accounts.

This is the reason we developed Risk Calculator for MetaTrader. Typically, traders would look at the possibility of a trade they would prefer to trade, then count the amount of pips that they need to their stop loss and then use a spreadsheet or calculator to determine the size of their lot for the trade. Because every trade is different it can be a time-consuming procedure before you can execute an order. Even after you’ve finished making calculations, you’ve completely failed to enter your trade. The risk of human error making a trade is eliminated and allows you to concentrate on the entries.


How does it work?

Risk Calculator Order Manager MT4/MT5

Simply enter your risk-taking percentage and/or rate in our MetaTrader application. Press “Buy Calculation” or “Sell Calculation. This will display the display of a line on your terminal, which allows you to view the risk that you have paid to your account in any currency along with the number of lots that have been traded. If you’re happy to this, press Enter to initiate the trade. That’s it! It’s even applicable to future orders that are pending!

Full Walkthrough Video
Check out the video below for a comprehensive overview of the features in the risk calculator.


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