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TPSpro RFI Levels – are the maximum volume levels/areas that reverse the market trend and therefore they play a key role in future trading decisions.

The logic behind any chart movement is that price moves from the First Impulse Level (RFI) of the past trend to the First Impulse Level (RFI).

The First Impulse level (RFI) is the strongest level during a trend reversal and forms a reversal zone. The first impulse level of a previous trend reversal is also the strongest level for a correction or reversal.

Original price: $155

Content: Indicator: TPSpro RFI Levels .ex4 v3.3

TPSpro RFI Levels Indicator TPSpro RFI Levels Indicator

Key Features.

Shows active areas for sellers and buyers!
The indicator shows all the correct buy and sell initial impulse levels/zones. After activating these levels/areas, i.e. where the search for entry points starts, the levels change color and fill with a specific shade. In addition, arrows appear for more visualization.
Displaying levels/areas in a higher time range (MTF mode)

For various time ranges.
The TPSpro RFI Levels indicator can be used for any timeframe on the chart, from minute (M1) to monthly (MN).
Graphical and audible alerts.
The indicator provides graphical and audible indications to ensure you don’t miss trade entry signals. Cell phone notifications are also available.
Simple and effective active pattern scanner.

With this indicator you can:
Determine entry point levels for both downtrends and countertrends easily.
Determine the target (exit point) for any timeframe with high accuracy.
Include higher timeframe levels (RFI) – MTF mode.
There are only three templates for prioritizing trades.


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