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Trend Indicators for MT4 This indicator you’re describing sounds like a comprehensive tool designed to filter out market noise and identify trends effectively. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

No redrawing of entry signals
When signal arrows are placed on charts that never redraw or disappear.

No errors when arrows appear and alert notifications
No errors ever when arrows appear and notifications to all instruments in MT4

Original price 199usd
Now 48.98usd

  1. Advanced Trend Detection: The indicator employs complex algorithms to detect trends accurately. This functionality serves as a supporting tool or can potentially become a standalone system for traders.
  2. Whipsaw and Noise Avoidance: One of its primary functions is to filter out market noise and false signals, reducing the instances of getting caught in whipsaws or uncertain market conditions.
  3. Statistical Analysis: Utilizes statistical data to calculate potential targets for the next trading signal, enabling traders to anticipate potential profit levels.
  4. Flexible Use: It’s designed to be versatile, providing options for trend filtering in existing systems, acting as an entry point for trades, and suggesting exit strategies based on different parameters.
  5. Entry, Exit, and Partial Close Strategies: Offers options for traders to determine entry points, exit strategies based on discretion or specific parameters, and partial closure of trades based on predefined profit levels.
  6. Support and Resistance Analysis: Includes tools to identify potential reversal signals based on support/resistance areas and price action patterns.
  7. Multi-Timeframe Functionality: Allows traders to align signals across different timeframes, enabling confirmation of trends between higher and lower timeframes.
  8. Color Schemes and Technical Properties: Provides clarity on light and dark charts through distinct color schemes. The indicator boasts attributes like no repainting, backpainting, or recalculating, and generates signals based strictly on the close of the bar.
  9. Compatibility: It’s compatible with Expert Advisor (EA) development, allowing traders to potentially integrate its signals into automated trading strategies.

Overall, this indicator seems to offer a comprehensive set of features to support traders in identifying trends, filtering out noise, and establishing potential entry and exit points within the market. Its flexibility across different timeframes and ability to integrate with EAs could make it a valuable tool for traders seeking a reliable trend detection system.

Trend Indicators for MT4 Trend Indicators for MT4 Trend Indicators for MT4 Trend Indicators for MT4

How to use Trend Indicators for MT4

  1. Trend Confirmation:
    • Wait for multiple indicators to align and confirm a trend before entering a trade.
    • Look for instances where different indicators provide congruent signals.
  2. Risk Management:
    • Always implement risk management techniques, such as setting stop-loss and take-profit levels based on the indicator’s signals.
  3. Periodicity:
    • Experiment with different timeframes to confirm trends across various intervals (e.g., H1, H4, D1).
  4. Avoiding Choppy Markets:
    • Trend indicators might provide false signals during ranging or choppy markets. Use additional tools for confirmation.
  5. Backtesting:
    • Validate the effectiveness of trend indicators by backtesting them on historical data.


  • False Signals: No indicator is foolproof. Always use trend indicators in conjunction with other analysis methods for confirmation.
  • Market Conditions: Trend indicators might struggle in choppy or sideways markets, resulting in false signals.


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