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TRADER PRO is a new trading formula designed to capture major and minor trends. It offers simple yet powerful trading techniques that allow you to take advantage of accurate market forecasts.

TRADER PRO is equipped with everything any trader can think of. You don’t need to be a professional to use it, just load the indicators onto your charts and start trading immediately.

TRADER PRO uses four different trading modes that allow scalping and capturing multiple trades from a single market movement.

TRADER PRO offers a 3-way alert feature so you never miss a new signal. Each trading signal is carefully validated by the system to produce the highest probability trades.

Trendlines Indicator Trendlines Indicator Trendlines Indicator Trendlines Indicator

No repainting

TRADER does not repaint. Not in real time or under any other conditions.

Trader PRO will show you the best trending currency pairs on the market (buy and sell markets).

You will also know which trading instruments are currently in range (middle of the analyser).

Trendlines Indicator


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