MACD Divergence Dashboard – Review

MACD Divergence Dashboard – Review

As a forex trader of nearly three years, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of using technical analysis tools when making trading decisions. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD), an indicator, has been proven to be a highly effective tool. The MACD indicator is used by traders as a momentum indicator to identify trends and possible entry and exit points on the market.

The MACD Divergence Dashboard is a powerful tool that takes the MACD to the next step. This dashboard shows the divergence of the MACD oscillator and price trend, which makes it easier to spot potential trend reversals. The MACD Divergence Dashboard, therefore, is a vital tool for traders who want to maximize their profit and minimize their risk in the market.

In my experience as a trader I found the MACD Divergence Dashboard to be highly efficient and simple to use. It is easy to use and saves time by displaying multiple charts in a single screen.

What is MACD Divergence Dashboard?

The MACD Divergence Dashboard allows technical analysts to identify possible trend reversals on the financial markets. Moving Average Convergence Differece is the technical indicator used to determine a security’s momentum.

The MACD Divergence Dashboard scans multiple markets and timeframes to find divergence signals using the MACD indicator. MACD Divergence is when a security’s price moves in the opposite direction to its MACD indicator. This could indicate that the trend has changed.

The dashboard gives traders a visual representation for divergence signals in different timeframes and markets, which makes it easier to identify trading opportunities. The dashboard can be used by traders to determine potential entry and exit levels for their trades. They can also monitor the strength and direction of a market trend.

The MACD Divergence Dashboard: Key Features

  • All possible types of alerts (popup-push notifications-email): The dashboard allows you to receive different types of alerts when a MACD divergence is detected on a specific currency pair and timeframe. You can receive alerts as pop-ups or push notifications to your mobile device. Or, you can get emails delivered to your inbox. You can choose which type of alert you prefer.
  • The dashboard lets you choose the currency pairs that you want to track for MACD divergences. Market Watch pairs are automatically generated by your trading platform. You can also create your own list of pairs. You can choose which pairs to monitor, and focus your attention on those that are relevant to your trading strategies.
  • All dashboard features can be adjusted. Dashboard features can be adjusted to your liking. You can adjust the font size, the height of boxes, the Y-distance between boxes and even the color of the box. You can customize your dashboard and better understand the information.
  • The dashboard lets you choose the timeframes that you wish to monitor for MACD Divergences. You can choose to show all timeframes, or only those that are relevant to your trading strategies. You can then focus on timeframes most important to you, and reduce the clutter on your dashboard.
  • Limit the number pairs displayed in the dashboard. This is useful for PCs that run slowly or have performance problems. It can reduce the load placed on your computer, and allow the dashboard to run more smoothly. Limiting the number of pairs you display allows you to focus on the important pairs, and eliminates unnecessary distractions.

MACD Divergence Strategy

MACD Divergence Dashboard – Review

Buy Signal

  • When the MACD oscillator or moving averages are above or equal to 50 points, you may want to consider placing a purchase order. Signal boxes can refer to technical indicators that appear on a chart and provide buy or sale signals based upon certain criteria. If a majority of the signal boxes is green, this may indicate that there is a bullish market sentiment.
  • MACD Divergence Dashboard Pros & Cons


    • The MACD divergence dashboard provides an overview of the divergence in the MACD oscillator and price trend. It can help traders to identify potential trend reversals which can lead to profitable trades.
    • Saving time and effort. The dashboard allows traders to save time and energy by not having to manually analyse charts in order to identify divergences. It allows you to easily monitor multiple charts simultaneously.
    • Most MACD Divergence Dashboards allow you to customize the settings. For example, you can set different timeframes and parameters. This allows traders to customize the dashboard according to their trading strategy.

    You can also find out more about Cons

    • False signals. The MACD Divergence Dashboard may sometimes give false signals that lead to incorrect trading decisions. To minimize the risk that false signals will be generated, it is important to use this tool in conjunction with other technical indicators and analysis methods.
    • Overreliance on indicators. Overreliance on the MACD Divergence Dashboard, or any other technical indicator, can have a negative impact on a trader’s performance. To gain a thorough understanding of the markets and make informed decisions, it is important to utilize multiple tools and methods.
    • MACD Divergence dashboard has a limited scope. It only analyses the divergence of the MACD oscillator and the price trend. It does not consider other factors, such as fundamentals or market news. This tool should be used as a complement to other methods of analysis, rather than being relied on solely.

    The conclusion of the article is:

    The MACD Divergence Dashboard can be a powerful tool for identifying potential trend reversals on the financial markets. The ability to analyze multiple markets and timeframes based on divergence signals using the MACD indicator and its adaptable features make it a valuable resource for traders looking to maximize their profits and minimize risks.

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