PipFinite Binary Options PRO [Indicator Reviews]

PipFinite Binary Options PRO [Indicator Reviews]

This LEGIT Indicator can accurately predict what will happen to one bar.

Imagine adding additional filters to increase your probabilities!

Binary Options PRO is different from other products because it can analyze signals in the past, giving you a statistical advantage.

PipFinite Binary Options PRO Benefits you Get

  • A unique algorithm that predicts the price weakness.
  • Create many signals for more trading options.
  • Compatible with other indicators for increased accuracy.
  • Stats generated per signal result.
  • Never repaint, never backpaint, and never recalculate.
  • Signals are only to be used on the bar that is “Open”.
  • Worked with all symbols and timeframes.
  • You can integrate pop-ups, emails, push notifications, and sound alerts.
  • Fully compatible with Expert Advisor Development.

PipFinite Binary Options PRO How To Trade

Follow these 3 simple steps to trade.

Step 1 – Win Rate

  • Actual Win Rate is greater than Minimum Win Rate (Actual Win Rate > Min Win Rate).

Step 2: Enter

  • Trade on a newly-issued signal.

Step 3:

  • You will get the best results when you wait for the bar to be closed.

Reliable Statistics Calculation

Each signal is evaluated so that you can trade with confidence.

Win Condition

  • Buy Win – when the current bar closed greater than or equal to the open (Close ≥ Open)
  • Sell Win – when the current bar closed less than or equal to the open (Close ≤ Open)

Loss Condition

  • Buy Loss – when the current bar closed less than the open (Close < Open)
  • Sell Loss – when the current bar closed greater than the open (Close > Open)

Min Win Rate

  • The minimum winning rate that is required to be financially profitable.

Actual Win Rate

  • Percentage of signals that qualify for winning condition.


  • Payout The profit percentage you receive per trade.
  • Signal Period The number of bars to be used for the calculation algorithm.
  • Maximum History Bars The maximum number of bars that can be used to calculate.
  • Miscellaneous Parameters – Controls the visibility of all objects and buffers.
  • Display Parameters – control the visibility on chart of objects.
  • Graphics Parameters – control the color and appearance of drawn objects in chart.
  • Dashboard Parameters Controls the color and visibility of statistics on chart.
  • Alert Parameters Controls whether or not alerts are enabled.


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