PipFinite Energy Beam [Indicator Reviews]

PipFinite Energy Beam [Indicator Reviews]

PipFinite Energy Beam tools that are high-quality and affordable.

We strongly recommend that you try out the Demo Version of MT4 before purchasing. Test the indicator before purchasing it to ensure that it is suitable for you.

PipFinite Energy Beam The following are some examples of

PipFinite Energy Beam [Indicator Reviews]

Price action filters are used to calculate the momentum of a price chart.

Filter to detect momentum. It works in any pair or timeframe

  • The best filtering result is generated by analyzing different levels of price movements.
  • Filtered Results
    • Blue Beam– Only look for purchasing opportunities
    • Red Beam– Only look for sales opportunities when the momentum is bearish
    • Gray Beam– Flat momentum, avoid the market
  • Determine the Required Number of Filters to suit your trading needs
    • (slower) increases with increasing number of filters.
    • (Faster) , Decreasing the number of filters weakens the confirmation but reduces lag
  • Number of Filters
    • 5 filters — less confirmed + less lag
    • 6 filters – confirmed + average lag (default)
    • 7 filters + more lag
    • 8 filters – most confirmed + most lag
  • Tool that can be used to improve trading systems in many different ways
  • The following are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of injury.
    • Period = 7-14 can detect instantaneous momentum
    • Period > 30 Ideal for filtering signals coming from other indicators
  • Multiple filtering – Load two or more energy beams with different Period setting
    • Faster calculation (Energy Beam 1 Period = 7)
    • Slower calculation (Energy Beam 2 Period = 30)
    • Combining the two indicators can improve filtering
      • Only look at your system for Buy signals if both indicators are Bullish
      • Only look at your system for Sell signals if both systems are Bearish
      • Do not take any signals from your system if the filters are different colors
  • Higher timeframe filter Use momentum from higher timeframes to filter signals in lower timeframes
    • The Daily Timeframe is Bullish (Blue Beam).
    • Buy only H1 signals from your system
  • Supporting Tool
    • Price action trading is ideally combined
    • It is best combined with Resistance/Support
    • Improve trend laser Filtering
    • Confirm Swing control signals
  • Color schemes for dark and light charts
  • Never repaint
  • Never ever backpaint
  • Never recalculate
  • Calculation fixed when “Close the bar”
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor Development

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