PipFinite Trend Laser [Indicator Reviews]

PipFinite Trend Laser [Indicator Reviews]

The following are some examples of

Software that uses complex algorithms to detect trends can be used in conjunction with other systems or tools.

  • Avoid whipsaws, market noise and other uncertainty with this unique trend detection system
  • Calculates possible targets for next signals by analyzing statistics of maximum profit.
  • Tool that can be used to improve trading systems in multiple ways
  • Trend Filter
    • Additional filter for existing systems
    • Use period = 4 to 10
  • Entry Point
    • Trading from a confirmed system
    • Use period = 2 to 3
  • Exit Strategy
    • The decision to exit will be at the discretion of each trader, according to their strategy
      • Support/Resistance Zones
      • Price action patterns can provide reversal signals
    • Statistics
      • Once profit reaches “Average Gain”, exit trades.
      • Close trades partially when profits reach “Minimum move”
    • You can also use Exit Scope to exit.
  • Multi-Timeframe
    • The same directions apply to both the higher and lower timeframes:
      • If H4 is in an uptrend, buy trend laser signals for H1.
      • Sell trend laser signals if H1 is in downtrend
  • Color schemes for dark and light charts
  • Never repaint
  • Never ever backpaint
  • Never recalculate
  • Signals only on “Close of bar”
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor Development

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