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ZeusArrow Indicator, an Order Block Indicator, was developed to be a cutting edge tool that will enhance the accuracy and profitability of your trading decision by leveraging the Smart Money Concept. In the high-stakes world of forex trading, it is essential to have reliable, accurate, and intuitive indicators. This is particularly true when identifying orders – the collective orders from important financial institutions and bank that have a significant influence on market movements.

Order Block Indicator is a powerful tool that allows traders to gain an early entry advantage. This is possible because the tool meticulously tracks rejections of order blocks. When the price returns to the order blocks that represent strong buying and trading activity from influential institutions, it is often rejected. This common occurrence provides traders with a golden chance to enter the market. The ZeusArrow Indicator excels in highlighting these lucrative moments.

ZeusArrow Smart Order Block

“Smart Order Blocks” to find market reversals…
Order blocks in forex refer to the collection of orders of big banks and institutions in forex trading.
Smart Order Block Indicator for MT4 is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of entries based Smart Money Concept.

Get an EARLY entry advantage when you enter on Order Block rejections !
Because order blocks represent Strong buying and selling from institutions & Banks, the price tends to revisit these “Strong Zones”.
And more often when the price re-touches these order blocks, it will get rejected.
When it happens, that’s a prime opportunity for you to enter a trade.

⭐️ Order Block Indicator MT4 highlights active order blocks of up to 9 TFs simultaneously.
⭐️ Auto Market Structure levels and Break of Structure Confirmation from Multi timeframe.
⭐️ Sophisticated alerts and Mobile notifications system.
⭐️ Non Repaint and Non lag with Highly Customizable.
⭐️ Semi Automatic operations perfect for Live markets or Prop funding accounts.
⭐️ Low Risk and High Reward as low as 1:2 to 1:150
⭐️ Suitable for both low timeframe scalping and high timeframe swing trades.


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Original Price: $500

The ZeusArrow Indicator offers high customization features. This allows you to customize the tool to suit your unique trading style.

The Order Block Indicator promises a high-reward and low-risk ratio, ranging from as low as 1:150 to as high as 1:250. The ZeusArrow Indicator is a great addition to your trading tools because it can help you achieve a high return on investment.

This Trading Indicator MT4 system is completely manual. The indicators will produce the signals but the trader is responsible for making the decisions about when to enter the market, set exit stops that are profitable or protect the trader from losing money. The trader should be familiar with risk and reward principles and use initial resistance and support areas to set entry and exit stops.

ZeusArrow System gives you trading signals that you can use as is, or to add your chart analysis and filter the signals further. is recommended. Although traders of all levels of experience can use this system to trade, it is beneficial to practice trading on a MT4 demo until you are consistent and confident enough before going live.

The main chart of ZeusArrow indicator

ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator

ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator ZeusArrow Order Block Indicator


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