Currency Strength Indicator






This indicator is a unique, high-quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated many proprietary features and new formulas. With just one chart, you can understand the currency strengths and weaknesses of 28 Forex pairs!

The Advanced Currency Strength indicator is available for all currency pairs. It is a completely new formula with some very innovative features. include market momentum and the dynamic market fibonacci levels that are adjusted to current market conditions! The market momentum can be described as the ninth line. This is an enormous advantage and something that’s new to forex trading. When you are able to utilise proprietary features like Market Momentum and Dynamic Market Fibonacci as well, you’ll be able to determine whether you’d like to trade on the trend, look for trend continuation, or pull back.

This currency strength line is very fluid across all timeframes. It can be used with an upper timeframe to see the overall trend, then shorter timeframes to identify the precise entry points. You can select any timeframe that you require. Each timeframe comes with its own specific optimisations.

Based on a brand new algorithm that makes it simpler to recognise and confirm the possibility of trades, This is because it displays graphically whether the currency’s strength is growing or not, in addition to its historical performance. These tools are intended to assist you in discerning weak and strong currencies more quickly, as well as show you how you should trade, when to not trade, and when to take profits.

Currency Strength Indicator Currency Strength Indicator Currency Strength Indicator


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