Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard






This dashboard is a tool that alerts you when the Market Structure Reversal Indicator changes. Its main purpose is to alert traders to reversal opportunities on specific time frames and retests (confirmations), as the indicator does. The dashboard sits on its own chart and sends you alerts based on the timeframes and pairs you choose. The dashboard was developed after many users requested a dashboard that monitors multiple timeframes and pairs at the same time instead of running multiple charts from MT4 with the market reversal indicators. It sends alerts for the M5, M15 and M30 timeframes as well as the H1, H4 or D1 timeframes. As with any trade, higher time frames are best.

What is the market reversal indicator?

Many traders use the market structure for various strategies. The internet is full of information about market structure, but the main purpose of the indicator is to alert you when a shift is likely. The indicator draws rectangles in the opposite color of the candle to indicate a trend. These candles tend to support a continuous move in one direction until the price closes above/below them in the opposite direction.

Basically, if you receive an alert after a downward move, it is possible that a bottom is forming and a shift in market structure (reversal/pullback) is imminent. Not every alert is successful. If the price moves in the same direction and closes below the previous low, the indicator will remove the alert and proceed to draw the new structure.

Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard


Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard


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