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The mt4 Trend Trading Strategy indicator provides simple to use buy/sell signal. The price is $199.95 per year. The dashboard displays information such as buy/sell, spreads, and other useful information.

Built in Alerts
Instant alerts will be sent whenever a new signal is detected.

– Standard MT4 pop up window + sound

Email Notifications

– Push (mobile notifications)

No Redraw Technology
Indicators cannot be redrawn. Indicators cannot be redrawn in real-time and under other conditions.

Mt4 Trend Trading Strategy Mt4 Trend Trading Strategy Mt4 Trend Trading Strategy Mt4 Trend Trading Strategy

The mt4 Trend Trading Strategy Indicator trading system maximizes profits from secondary and primary market trends. It continuously analyzes every price movement and trading pattern and uses sophisticated trading algorithms that draw on the extensive experience of its developers.

It captures very fast and profitable price movements and provides easy trade signals. Each trade signal is carefully verified by the system to ensure high-probability trades.

Either you can use the mt4 strategy indicator system to give trading signals, or you can use chart analysis to filter out certain signals. You may find it useful to practice trading on a MT4 demo account, until you feel confident and consistent enough to trade live.

You can set the mt4 trend trading strategy indicator to send signals by email, mobile notifications or platform popups.

The mt4 trend trading strategy indicator can be used for all Forex currency pairs. For swing trading, longer time frames are required.

Two types of templates are available to suit different risk levels. This manual will show you how to use the indicator.

Standard Mode Trend Trade Strategy Indicator for MT4 – This template is balanced. Medium risk, medium signal speed. Ideal for swing and day trades.

The mt4 trend trading strategy indicator (Aggressive Mode) is more aggressive. This is the best mode for scalping and fast day trading.


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