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Can trading really be this simple?

Yes, it can! Ultra Blue Forex simplifies trading into a simple 1-2-3 process… Trend, retrace, trade.

New traders love this simple, effective and profitable approach to trading.

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Original Price: $997

full MT4 trading system (8 indicators, 2 templates, pdf user manual)

Russ Horn Forex Fulcrum System

Watch me make easy money with the simple Ultra Blue forex system on these live trades!
Master these simple setups quickly and repeat these trades day after day.

You can start trading like this from day one!
*Note* These trades are made on a large account so these winning trade amounts are not the norm, but they are possible as your account grows.

Incredible tools that make trading more efficient and more efficient!

Get alerts from indicator that inform you when to enter and close trades.Find the best trades for you using the Trading Assistant with the click of an icon.
Determine and adjust the best trade size immediately by using the calculator for position size in the graph.
Find out the most suitable time to trade by using the Trading Hours tool that displays the current trading session.

Improve your trading efficiency and speed by using the right tools to simplify and improve your trading process.

Is the price a one-time payment or a per-month fee?
The cost is a one-time cost.

What is the best timing for trading?

Ultra Blue and all of the systems function in any time frame.
The system is most effective in markets that are trending and it does not matter which period you’re trading in, if the timeframe is performing well.

However, I do prefer the five and fifteen minute timeframes. It is where I have the most trades, and markets seem to perform smoothly during my trading time.

What are some of the best trading pairs of currencies?

Everyone has a favorite exchange rate for a currency. these systems are applicable to all pairs.

My most-loved pair of currency pairs is EURUSD and GBPUSD.
Other currency pairs I trade frequently include EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY.
Sometimes, I trade USDJPY.

Some of the traders within the group prefer trading with the CHF currency pair.

A few of the currencies that are likely to be trading well during the Asian session are the AUD and JPY and others, while some will perform poorly. In contrast, the majority of exchange rates will fluctuate throughout the London session.

Does Ultra Blue Blender work with MT4?

The Ultra Blue Forex Blender system contains indicators that are designed specifically for the MT4 platform. We are currently working on indicators that could be used with other platforms however currently, it’s MT4 only.


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