Unmitigated Order Blocks






Unmitigated Order Blocks MT4 Indicator

Unmitigated Order Blocks

  • Display OB Option – It allows you to show:
    • Both Bullish and Bearish unmitigated order blocks
    • Order blocks that are unmitigated and bullish only.
    • Unmitigated order blocks of bearish bears only.
    • Hide all order blocks that are not acquitted.
  • Look-back Candle CountSet the number of candles the indicator will be able to look back at to highlight the unrestricted order blocks
  • Ob Candle Type – Select to highlight only the unmitigated block candle (body) only or highlight the undamaged order block candle body and its wicks
  • Candle Count is ignored until the beginning of peak (Peak = Candle 0) This setting will determine the STRENGTH for the ‘unmitigated order block, which is:
    • When set to one (recommended) the unmitigated order block will be highlighted in the event that price shifts away from it in the next (first) candle. THIS IS THE STRONGEST UNMITIGATED ORDER BLOCK POSSIBLE
    • When set to 2, the unmitigated block is only highlighted when price shifts away from it on the subsequent candle. This is regarded as a weaker unmitigated block of orders.
  • === Alerts ===
    • Popup Alert The alert will trigger the pop-up window and sound alert.
    • Push Alert – Alert will trigger a text message sent to your mobile phone
    • Email Alert – Alert will trigger a text message delivered to your email address
  • === Visualization ===
  • Show Look-back Line Choose whether or not to show the look-back line of the chart
  • Look-back Line ColorChoose the color you prefer
  • Long OB Box Bars If set to zero (zero) the unmitigated order box will be extended all the way to current candle. If another number is used, the box for unmitigated orders will expand to the amount of candles
  • Bull OB Line color –Select the color you want to use
  • Bear OB Line colorChoose the color you prefer
  • Ob Color that is interceptedChoose the color you prefer
  • Ob Box TypeChoose to highlight the uncompromising block of orders as an outline or filled color box

A brief refresher on Unmitigated order Blocks

What is price mitigation?

Unmitigated Order Blocks

It’s essentially ‘smart money’ retracing to mitigate (exit) buy/sell orders that were AGAINST their current trend, and then continuing in the direction of the institutional order flow.


Unmitigated order blocks can occur on any timeframe, and at both external or internal points in the current range:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

So in a bullish market, price may revert back to an unrestricted order block in order to reduce the sell trades placed in bearish retracements (and to obtain a better cost to buy the order). In an inverse bearish trend.

Remember, the strongest orders block:

  • First, you must take liquidity (stop search)
  • Price is moving away aggressively
  • Causes an imbalance in the market (FVG) because of the volume of money that is contained in the move

The price will return to the order block:

  • It will be able to react when the candle is open or 50 percent of the candle.

Indicator Display Options:


Only display bearish or bullish unrestricted block orders (or both):

Unmitigated Order Blocks


Choose to highlight the unmitigated order block ‘candle with wicks’ or ‘candle body’ only:

Unmitigated Order Blocks


Candle Count ignored from start of peak (Peak = Candle 0)  –  This setting will choose the STRENGTH of the ‘unmitigated’ order block, IE:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

The image above illustrates the distinction between the ‘1 candle’ and ‘2 candle unrestricted block orders (when price shifts away from the block within one or two candles).

  • If the value is set at 1 (RECOMMENDED) The ordered block that is unmitigated will be highlighted in the event that price is moving away from the first candle. THIS IS THE STRONGEST UNMITIGATED ORDER BLOCK POSSIBLE
  • If the value is set to 2 – the undamaged purchase block will be highlighted only if price is moving away from the candle that is on the SECOND candle. This is regarded as a ‘weaker unmitigated block of orders.

Notice: It is not recommended to use a value that is higher than 2 (as this renders the unrestrained order block virtually useless)


The highlight box’s colour changes when price touches it and disappears completely following the next candle on the timeframe:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

When price reaches the unmitigated order block the ‘box’ will transform into a purple outline box, and the highlighted box of the unmitigated order block will disappear completely when the candle closes.


The length of the Unmitigated order block highlight box:


Unmitigated Order Blocks

If the highlight box length is set to a specific number, the alert will still trigger even if price hits the unmitigated OB price level PAST the extension of the box.


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