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This Corrective Trend EA offers a unique method of trading bots that focuses on the potential of the corrective trends. In contrast to many others, it focuses on the power of current trends and trade volumes, using a specific formula to guide its trading choices. Here are the key aspects and crucial considerations for this EA:

Price: $299

Content:Expert: Corrective Trend EA.ex4 v2.3

Corrective Trend EA

Core Features:

  1. No Martingale Strategy This Corrective Trend EA is a clear cut from the martingale method, which is usually associated with risky trading. Instead, it adopts a more cautious approach to trading.
  2. Commission and Swap Consideration Contrary to other EAs which overlook swaps and commissions the EA includes them in its calculations, which results in better profitability estimates.
  3. Non-Scalping The EA is not involved in scalping, which is a high-frequency method of trading which seeks to earn profit from tiny price fluctuations. This is why it is suitable for those who are looking to take long-term investments.
  4. Spread Size Relevance Its performance EA doesn’t depend upon the extent of the spread. This provides the same trading conditions irrespective of market conditions.
  5. Financial News Sensitivity (Claimed) Although initially proclaimed to be sensitive towards economic events, it is important to keep in mind that the EA does not come with an information filter. Thus, economic news can affect trading results, in both a positive and negative way.
  1. Corrective Trend EA

Trading Panel and User Interface:

The Correctionive Trend EA comes with an easy-to-use trading panel making it easy for traders to interact with. Its key functions include:

  1. Management of Drawdowns and Profits Users can control their draws and profits by double-clicking on pertinent figures of a particular currency pair. This gives them control over the outcomes of trading.
  2. Pair Disconnection Pair Disconnection EA allows users to detach certain foreign currency pair from trade by simply double clicking their names. This gives them flexibility when the management of the trading portfolios.

Addressing Misleading Claims:

Although it is true that the Corrective Trend EA is an original trading method however, there are some aspects that require clarification:

  1. Grid Strategy The EA does not employ the martingale technique, it does employ a grid strategy that can result in substantial drawdowns during difficult market conditions.
  2. Insensitivity Economic News In spite of claims of not being sensitive towards economic information, the lack an effective news filter means that economic events could affect trading results, requiring caution in volatile times.


  1. Initial Capital: It’s recommended to set aside a minimum amount of $500 per currency pair used by EA. This will allow you to have enough capital for trading with EA to ensure adequate trading capital.
  2. Choice of Currency Pairs: Although the EA is designed to work with AUDCAD, GBPCAD, EURGBP, AUDNZD, and EURUSD but it is also able to be used with other currency pairs too providing a variety of trading options.
  3. Timeframe preference Timeframe Preference: The EA works best with the H1 timeframe but it is also compatible with other timeframes, too. It is possible that the frequency at which trades are executed can differ based on the chosen timeframe.


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