Milliontrader Pro Indicator


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Milliontrader Pro is a trend indicator for MT4 that provides accurate signals when entering a trade, without repainting. This indicator’s performance is improved by the new features and enhanced rules of statistical calculation.

Milliontrader Pro: Benefits

Trend detection is easy and visual.

Original price $900.

No Redrawn Arrows Indicator

Reliable signals. 100% no redraws

The indicator has audible and email alerts

You can use alerts (sound + email) as long as
Enable them in the indicator settings

Milliontrader Pro Indicator Milliontrader Pro Indicator Milliontrader Pro Indicator Milliontrader Pro Indicator Milliontrader Pro Indicator

How does Milliontrader Pro work?

The algorithm determines idea entry points by analyzing the price behavior every second.
This is not an independent system. This indicator can be used as a sniper to determine if you should open a position or wait. To improve your trading performance, you will need to have some basic knowledge of technical analysis and forex correlations.

The Milliontrader Pro is a custom indicator designed to identify high-probability trading opportunities across forex, stocks, crypto, and commodities. It aims to provide accurate buy and sell signals by combining multiple technical analysis techniques into one indicator window.

How the Milliontrader Pro Indicator Works

The Milliontrader Pro indicator plots two moving averages, support and resistance levels, and custom color-coded bars on the price chart.

The color bars signal the market condition – green suggests bullish momentum, red indicates bearish momentum, while blue bars highlight transition phases.

The indicator uses a combination of factors to generate these colors and trading signals, including:

  • Price action and candlestick patterns
  • Moving average crossovers
  • Momentum divergence
  • Overbought/oversold levels
  • Volume surges

By combining these elements, the indicator attempts to identify optimal entry and exit points in alignment with the overall trend.

Trading Signals and Meaning of Colors


  • Enter long trades when green bars appear after blue or red bars
  • Enter short trades when red bars appear after blue or green bars

Color Meanings:

  • Green = Bullish momentum in uptrend
  • Blue = Transition from uptrend to downtrend or sideways
  • Red = Bearish momentum in downtrend

Optimizing Parameters for Different Assets

The Milliontrader Pro gives traders full control to customize the indicator settings:

Moving Averages: Adjust period and type of MA lines to suit the market traded. Faster MAs for short-term trades.

Overbought/Oversold levels: Default is 70/30, adjust as required. Higher values for less sensitive signals.

Signal Sensitivity: Increase to generate more signals, decrease to filter out weaker signals.

Upper/Lower Bands: Manually set support and resistance levels or allow indicator to plot bands automatically.

Timeframe: Best on higher timeframes (4H, daily, weekly). Lower timeframes may generate false signals.

Trading Strategies to Use with Milliontrader Pro

Some effective trading strategies to use with this indicator include:

Trend Following: Enter trades in the overall trend direction shown by color bars once a signal appears. Ride the momentum.

Breakouts: Trade breakouts when price closes decisively outside upper or lower bands after green/red bars appear.

Swing Trading: Take trades at start of new color bars and hold until next color change or profit target hit.

Reversals: Enter reversals when blue transition bars appear or when price reaches upper/lower bands.

Momentum Surges: Increase position size when green/red bars rapidly extend showing accelerating momentum.

Benefits of Using the Milliontrader Pro

Some benefits of using this custom indicator:

  • Simplifies analysis with easy to read colored bars
  • Provides high probability signals across various asset classes
  • Detects trend momentum, reversals, and transition stages
  • Visual display allows easy identification of trading opportunities
  • Incorporates combination of factors to confirm signals
  • Fully customizable settings to suit individual trading styles
  • Works well across forex, commodities, stocks, crypto
  • Can be integrated across timeframes and trading systems


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