Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4


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Very few traders have a good understanding of the Fibonacci Gold Zone.
It is a fact that the 38.2, 50, 61.8 Fibonacci Indicator has been shown to work best with lines.
Better yet…
Fibonacci is the primary tool used by most Big Bank traders to analyze price reversal zones and retracement areas.
We developed the Fibonacci Golden zone strategy and system to help us achieve this.
This question has changed everything…Why Not Combine a Fibonacci Index with the Golden Zone Strategy?” 
One of our Trading Strategy Guides team members asked a question after reviewing the strategy. Why don’t you develop an indicator to help with the Fibonacci Golden Zone strategy? It is one of our best and simple strategies and honestly I have yet to find a good Fibonacci indicator that actually worked….”
This question changed everything…
The truth is, it was only after we did the research that we discovered the junk systems!
The indicators that we found had no information or strategy backing them up.
The downloads were not working and you felt frustrated and confused that you had wasted your time.
We gathered the team and decided collectively that we would give an indicator to the golden Fibonacci Strategy…
Here is what we consider to be the #1 Fibonacci Indicator tool This indicator is a must-have for any market trader, not only because it’s backed up by a winning strategy, but due to all the unique features that we have included!
This is why we think this Fibonacci Indicator has the highest accuracy on the planet.
Find out Why Fibonacci Golden Zone is the most advanced indicator available today.
We’ll take you for a tour, and we’ll show you all the unique advantages that the Fibonacci Comes has. It is unlike any other indicator in the market.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator is 100% accurate in its placement of fibo.
A custom Trend line is added to each Fibonacci place along with a golden zone indicator so you always know where you should be trading based on the powerful strategy.
Trend Lines: Feature Number One
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator will also show you the previous Fibonacci Zone, as these lines are still valid.
The other Fibonacci indicator will not show this. However, we knew how important the feature was to the strategy and that is why we included it in this indicator.
Feature #2- Previous Fibonacci Zone 
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
This will show you the exact Fibonacci levels where the current price is.
Feature #3- Current Fibonacci Level
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Custom Dashboard is one of the most powerful tools in this system.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
With this dashboard, you can view a small chart for each frame of time.
You can now see the exact location of the price action from the M1 chart up to the Monthly chart. This can make the difference between winning and losing trades, since you will know where the price is at all time frames.
This custom dashboard allows you to easily analyze multiple time frames with each trade.
We have already explained the many unique features, but we would like to go even further. Let us show you how an automated Fibonacci indicator is superior to manually adding fibonacci traces on your charts.
Why Our Automated Fibonacci Indicator is  Better for Your Trading Success
You might be surprised to learn how much time it takes you to draw lines on your charts.
What do you think about?
You have traded for at least 5 years.
You have spent an hour every day on the market you trade drawing Fibonacci, trend, and other nonsense.
You would have spent 1825 The hours are a good example. 109,500 minutes drawing, deleting, redrawing, ect. Fibonacci Lines on Your Chart.
Let’s take the same example, but instead of doing it manually, you can use our Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator…
You have been using our Fibonacci Golden Zone for 5 years without drawing it.
Our calculations show that you will be spending a total amount of One minute and thirty seconds drawing, redrawing, deleting, etc. Fibonacci Lines for your charts.
This means that all you had to do was add the indicator to your charts.
You would have been able to save a total of The Fibonacci Golden Zone Indictor can help you calculate the exact time in minutes.
You must be a Fibonacci master if you’ve spent so much time and are so dedicated.
Are you good at 100% accuracy?
Here are some examples where our Fibonacci Golden Zone Indictor placed Fibonacci lines exactly on various time frames, and in different markets.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4
Why is it important for your trading to be successful that Fibonacci Lines always are perfectly placed?
We conducted a recent short survey, and we found that 68% Most traders don’t know the Fibonacci sequence and how to set the Fibonacci level.
They could not use this powerful tool because they lacked the necessary knowledge and understanding.
Here’s a comparison of the advantages of automated Fibonacci lines and manual Fibonacci line placement:
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

As you can see, the Fibonacci Golden Zone Indictor has not yet provided a clear signal to sell.

Manually putting the Fibonacci lines on, there was no indication and no way to know when to trade.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

In the example below, the Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy rules have not been met and so no trade has been triggered.

There is no way to tell if you should or shouldn’t trade based on the Fibonacci sequence if you manually add it.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

See how easy it is to trade pullbacks using the Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator in these four examples?

Our Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy includes a set of easy to follow rules.
It is not enough to work hard if you want to make money in trading. You need smarter thinking and a more strategic approach.

In your life, you’ve heard that the harder one works the more they will earn. People have told you in your life that if only you did this (work hard), you would achieve all of your life’s goals.

Think about this…
How many people are you aware of who work a 12-hour day to support their family members?
What are their earnings?
A $2000 check? Or a $4000 check?
Now let’s turn that around and ask this…
How many people do you know who earn $2000, $5000 or even $6000 per year by working little?
No one!
The bottom line is this….
Working hard is not a sin.
Our Team is aware of several people who are working over 60 hours per week to support their families and we respect them for that.
There is an alternative to working long hours and being away from family to earn money.
We want you to know that the Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator is developed to not only save you time but also help you pull in profits that far exceed that 12 hour shift or that $4000 paycheck…
Fibonacci Golden Zone Indictor can earn you thousands with a single trade.
As in this trade with the Indicator, which resulted in a total gain of $11,640.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

It’s amazing how the times change…and how one big discovery can change an entire life!

We know that the Fibonacci Indicator simply works and performs consistently and can change your life forever….
It allows you to “work smarter” rather than “harder”.
Did You Know That We Can Scan Your Chart at Every Timeframe?
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

Fibonacci dashboard has specific charts for each timeframe, from the Minute chart up to daily chart.


You can use the Powerful Dashboard in a variety of ways.
As you see above, that is 36 charts that show you the Fibonacci golden zone indicator…
It could be very useful if you want to take a step back and look at these pairs.
If that’s too much for you, just use the Fibonacci Indicator to plot two charts.
This is what it looks like:
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

The trader can choose the market, timeframe and the currency they wish to trade.

If you only want to see certain time frames… We got your back!
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

Fibonacci Dashboard can be viewed only for a specific time period.

We knew that this was something we had to do.
You will soon understand, once you use this dashboard with its incredible indicator, why this indicator is considered one of our finest!!
How nice are trading alerts? Check It Out!

All of us have busy lives, and we understand that you can’t stare at charts all day.

We thought about you when we designed this indicator and we made sure to include alerts.
Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

This allows you to know exactly where the action is in terms of price at any given time! It is an enormous benefit, as we have missed many entries but not because of the pop-up alert.

Fibonacci Golden Zone alerts act as alarm clocks.
It will ring when you are ready to start the day.
The same can be said for these alerts. These alerts will only be sent if a specific criteria is met.

Introduction to Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

The Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator for MT4 highlights an important zone between key Fibonacci retracement levels where reversals are likely to occur. Traders use the indicator to improve timing of entries and exits.

Overview of Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator

The indicator automatically plots a shaded “golden zone” between selected Fibonacci retracement levels on a price chart. This zone often acts as support or resistance, making it a high probability area for bounces or breakouts.

The tool helps traders refine Fibonacci analysis by isolating the most significant zone for price to react rather than just using individual ratios.

Fibonacci Levels in Trading

Fibonacci retracements provide technically significant support and resistance levels based on the key Fib ratios of 0.236, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618 and 0.786.

These levels indicate areas where swings and reversals are likely during trends and corrections. The golden zone focuses on the zone between two ratios.

Using Golden Zone for Support/Resistance

The Fibonacci golden zone highlights the tight price area between levels where support/resistance is strongest. This helps traders better time entries and exits.

Monitoring price action as it approaches the zone signals potential trades. Bounces or breakouts from the zone can trigger long or short trades.

How the Fibonacci Golden Zone Indicator Works

The Fibonacci golden zone indicator has a few key features:

Plots Golden Zone between Levels

The tool calculates and shades an area between two Fibonacci retracement levels, such as 0.382 to 0.618. This area becomes the high probability “golden zone.”

Highlights Zone on Chart

The zone is clearly highlighted as a shaded band on the price chart so traders can easily identify the most important support/resistance area.

Customizable Zone Parameters

Traders can adjust the depth of the zone as a percentage of the total retracement range. The Fib levels used to plot the zone can also be changed.

Trading Approaches with Golden Zone

Approaches include buying/selling bounces from the zone, fading breakouts, and using the zone for profit targets. Stop losses placed just outside the zone.

Trading Strategies with Golden Zone

Here are some trading strategies utilizing the Fibonacci golden zone:

Bounces from Golden Zone Support/Resistance

When price pulls back to the zone, traders look to buy near zone support or sell/short near zone resistance, anticipating a bounce off the significant level.

Initial stops placed just outside the zone. Targets at prior swing points.

Breakouts from the Golden Zone

If price breaks out of the zone decisively, it signals diminished support/resistance. Traders can trade breakouts with stops at the opposite side of the breached zone.

Using Golden Zone for Profit Taking

Taking partial or full profits as price reaches the golden zone allows traders to proactively protect open profits near logical areas.

Optimizing the Fibonacci Golden Zone Settings

Modifying indicator settings can optimize zone accuracy:

Adjusting Zone Depth Percentage

Making the zone wider or narrower adapts it for more shallow or deeper retracements in the particular market traded.

Changing Number of Levels to Plot

Some traders reduce plotted levels to just 0.382 and 0.618 for a more focused zone target.

Selecting Fibonacci Levels to Use

Traders may experiment with different ratio combinations like 0.500 to 0.618 or 0.382 to 0.500 for the zone boundaries.

Matching Settings to Market Behavior

Faster moving markets may require narrower zones while slower trends can use wider zones. Matching the asset traded.

Using Fibonacci Golden Zone with Other Indicators

Combining the zone with additional indicators creates robust setups:

Combining with Oscillators

Overbought/oversold oscillators help confirm bounces from the golden zone with greater probability.

Adding Moving Averages

Dynamic moving averages around the zone show ideal support/resistance to combine with static Fib levels.

Incorporating Candlestick Patterns

Bulls, tweezer bottoms, etc. around zones enhance bounce trades. Bearish patterns flag breakouts.

Strengths and Limitations of Fibonacci Golden Zone

Key Benefits

  • Quickly identifies key support/resistance zone
  • Defines low risk trades with clear stop loss points
  • Quantifies profit taking areas


  • Still prone to false breaks like all indicators
  • Does not give trade signals on its own
  • Lagging – calculates from past price action


  • Use stop losses with every trade
  • Combine with other indicator confluence
  • Manage risk properly and avoid overtrading the indicator

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Fibonacci golden zone indicator is a valuable tool for improving Fibonacci retracement trading by isolating high probability areas within the broader Fib levels. Traders can combine the zone with other indicators and analysis to time entries and exits more precisely.

However, as with any indicator, the golden zone works best when used logically as part of a structured trading plan, rather than relying on it exclusively. It should be seen as a probability tool rather than a guaranteed signal generator. With practice, traders can use the golden zone to achieve consistent success in financial markets.

FAQs About Fibonacci Golden Zone MT4

What are the best Fib levels to use for the golden zone?

The 0.382 to 0.618 zone works well on most instruments and timeframes. Some traders use 0.500 to 0.618 or 0.382 to 0.500. The best levels depend on the particular market traded.

When is the best time to trade the golden zone?

Times when price is approaching the zone, especially at potential reversal points like old support/resistance levels or moving average tests. Reactions at the zone provide trade signals.

Can you use Fibonacci golden zone as an automated indicator?

Yes, MT4 trading scripts can monitor the indicator and execute automated trades based on zone signals and conditions using MQL programming language.

How wide should the golden zone be set?

A 10-30% zone width balanced between too wide and too narrow is recommended. Optimizing width for each market’s volatility helps match the zone to price action.

Should you trade every touch of the golden zone?

Not necessarily. Analyzing price action, momentum and other indicator signals at the zone helps avoid lower probability trades and false breaks. High quality touches provide the best trades.


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