Fiji Trend Forex Indicator






The Fiji Trend forex indicator MT4 stands out as a potent trend-following tool, delivering clear buy and sell signals that exhibit exceptional effectiveness in robust market trends. The indicator’s notable features include a distinctive signal arrow, providing valuable entry signals for traders and enhancing market trend analysis. Moreover, its compatibility across different timeframes and currency pairs adds to its versatility, making it a valuable asset for traders navigating diverse market conditions.

Fiji Trend Forex Indicator

As you have noted, it is true that the Fiji indicators for the trend are based on the Fiji strategy. However, it includes additional tools, such as the Heiken Ashi. This gives you trading signals that do not lag. The indicator can be used to trade currencies on any chart with a time frame.

How to use the Fiji Trend Indicator for trading

The indicator uses an 11 ATR and a 5 MA to provide market signals. You just need to make sure that the market is moving in the direction you want to know. The indicator can go one step further by using a signal arrow to show you the upcoming trend direction.

Fiji Trend Forex Indicator

Buy at the time when the green arrow of the Fiji Trend Lime is pointing upwards. The color of the indicator changes from green to aqua. You can exit when a red arrow is pointing downwards, which is a clear indication of a price change.

Sell the indicator when it draws upward pointing arrows in red. The color of the indicator changes from red to yellow. Exit the indicator when the lime green arrow is pointing upwards, indicating a shift in market direction towards an upward trend.

Fiji Trend Trading Example

Essentially, the indicator sends a buy signal when the color of the indicator changes from aqua. It draws a green arrow at the perfect entry point. In the same way, you need to enter a sell order with a red arrow. The color of the indicator changes from red to yellow.

Fiji Trend Forex Indicator


The Fiji trend is an excellent indicator to determine the direction of the trend. All you have to do is recognize the color of the indicator. An arrow is also displayed to show you the direction of the trend.


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