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The Legacy of Gann v2.2 indicator is extremely precise in determining the potential levels of the conclusion of the trend as well as fixation of profits.

The method used to determine levels is based on theories of W.D.Gann by using an algorithm created by his guru Kirill Borovsky.

Highly reliable in achieving the levels (according to K. Borovsky 80-90 percent)

Indispensible for any trading strategy. Every trader has to know the place to exit the market!

Determines precisely targets for any intervals of time and all instruments (forex, commodities, metals, stocks and crypto …)


  • The ability to draw many triangles onto the chart, with a user-friendly interface.
  • All the constructions are on the chart after changing the timeframes and maintain their ability to function!
  • Identification of the most likely time frame for reaching objectives (according my own statistics the accuracy of exercising at the moment is about 60-70 percent).
  • Additional Early Signals to Open an account (rendering in real-time and on historical data). Signals aren’t repainting!
  • Notifications regarding the accomplishment of objectives First Zone: Preliminary Target zone and second zones (text + E-mail, sound, Push to mobile phones)

Indicator Parameters:

  • Setting up Entry Signals Block of settings required for an Early Signal to be used to start the market. In the event of the appearance of the Early Signal, it is believed as if the market has commenced to meet the goals that were calculated.
    • Allow Entry Signals Enable an early signal to join the trade
    • Sign Arrow Size Signal Arrow Size (from between 0 and 5)
    • Sound check to confirm the correct position of the triangle verticles – turn on Sound to confirm the exact position that the triangle’s vertices are on the end of the bars. The precise position at the end of the bar is required for locating early signals.
    • Notifications of achievement in the Target area (Prelim.Target 1st and 2nd Zones) – enable Notifications about the accomplishment of targets (Preliminary Target 1st Zone, 2nd Zone and Prelim.)
    • Allow Time Range for achieving targets – allow to display the Time Range for achieving goals
  • Text Settings Text and Sound settings
  • Triangle Settings Triangle appearance settings

Legacy of Gann

Legacy of Gann

 Legacy of Gann

 Legacy of Gann

 Legacy of Gann


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