Odin Forex Robot Review

Odin Forex Robot Review

“The Brutal” Odin trading robot is advertised as the #1 trading robot on forexrobottrader.com. The bot was likely created by Don Steinitz, and the ownership may have been transferred over the years. However, the team behind it does not appear on the website.

Odin Forex Robot Overview

Odin Bot runs on MetaTrader 4 and offers the ultimate convenience to those who are searching for expert advisors. It does everything without the trader having to lift a single finger. Odin bot is a great choice for beginners because it has simple instructions on how to set up the software. Odin offers price plotting, which shows where prices have been and are going. Users can also work with optimized settings on more than 20 currency pairs.

The built-in calculator determines the best lot size to use. It supports micro lots, full lots, and mini lots. The service includes a real time broker shield, and uses a “legendary trading strategy”, which identifies the best entry and exit points without lag in real time.

Odin bot is not perfect despite all its features. Grid trading is not the most reliable method of trading because bots open many trades all at once. This can be a problem if something doesn’t work out as planned. Live trading results are suspicious and Odin Bot’s creator has died. The website does not tell us who now runs the site. However, everything seems to be going according to plan.

Odin Forex Robot Review

Service Cost

Odin Bot is normally $199 but is currently discounted by 35% to only $129. The price is for a life-time license. Traders won’t have to pay recurring fees. With each purchase, the service includes one of these robots for free:

  • HAS Forex Robot
  • Hedge Forex Robot
  • Breakout Indicator
  • Pterodactyl Robot Forex
  • Forex Robot Directional
  • WaveRunner Forex Robot
  • Volatility Forex Robot
  • Equity Trail Forex Robot

The additional robot will be available to you only if you choose one. Odin offers free demos and does not seem to force clients to switch to a real account through expiration dates.


Odin bot can be purchased at a reasonable price. It is possible to profit from the bot in the right circumstances. It is not necessary to have prior experience, but it will be useful.

On the website, you can find published trading reports as well as 5-star reviews. Odin bot may have skewed information, so you shouldn’t rely on it. Other reviews are mixed. Some users give the bot 5-star ratings, while others only rate it one-star. Some of the reviews could be due to unmet expectations or lack prior experience. The website portrays traders as earning millions with the bots. Odin bot still only gets a 2.5-star rating, which is an indication that it is not as profitable as advertised.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address: https://www.forexrobottrader.com/forex-robots/odin-forex-robot

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