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Kg support and resistance indicator

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The Kg Support and Resistance Indicator is a valuable tool for MetaTrader 4 that assists traders in identifying crucial support and resistance levels on the chart. This indicator utilizes four distinct colors – lime green, yellow, deep sky blue, and magenta – to draw lines, each representing specific support or resistance levels.

Key Features of Kg Support and Resistance Indicator:

  1. Identification of Key Levels:
    • The indicator dynamically draws lines on the chart, making it easy for traders to identify important support and resistance levels.
  2. Color Coding:
    • The use of different colors (lime green, yellow, deep sky blue, and magenta) helps differentiate between various support and resistance levels.
  3. Trend Direction:
  4. Suitability for Shorter Timeframes:
    • The Kg Support and Resistance Indicator is particularly effective on shorter timeframes, catering to traders engaged in scalping and short-term trading.

Kg Support and Resistance Indicator BUY/SELL Signals:

Kg support and resistance indicator

  1. Resistance Levels (Uptrend):
    • When the indicator draws lines in an uptrend, it indicates resistance levels. Traders should consider taking short positions or exiting long positions when these levels are identified.
  2. Support Levels (Downtrend):
    • In a downtrend, the indicator identifies support levels. Traders can use these levels as potential entry points for long positions.
  3. Signal Confirmation:
    • For added confirmation, traders may choose to combine the Kg Support and Resistance Indicator with other technical indicators like the RSI (Relative Strength Index) or MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence).


The Kg Support and Resistance Indicator is a powerful tool for MetaTrader 4 that enhances a trader’s ability to identify key support and resistance levels. The color-coded lines simplify the process of recognizing trend directions, making it a valuable asset for traders, especially those focusing on shorter timeframes. Traders can download this indicator for free from our website, further enhancing their technical analysis toolkit.

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