Supertrend EA – Trend Trading EA – Review

Supertrend EA - Trend Trading EA - Review

Supertrend EA, a fully MT4 compatible robot, is an expert consultant developed for automated trading. Expert advisers are also called trade robots because they are responsible for managing operations on a fully automatic basis. If you’re using the trading robot, no human supervision will be required. However, the Expert Advisor you are going to use must be well tested in the market, in real-time, and the indicators must be optimized.

Supertrend EA – Trend Trading EA Overview

Supertrend EA - Trend Trading EA - Review

Supertrend EA is a trend robot that executes a trade when the trend changes, when a break occurs, when a correction occurs, and when pullback occurs.The expert consultant alone won’t show anything on your chart. If you want the visual shape of your robot, you must attach an indicator that facilitates the company in a download file.

The parameters in which this expert advisor executes trades operations are basically two and are as follows:

-Change in the trend: If positions are opened, they will all be closed when the market trend changes.

-Stop Loss: This expert consultant uses the Supertrend indicator as a stop loss level.

Before you start trading in the live account with this expert advisor, it is advisable to use a demo account first. At first, it is advisable to learn to operate manually. When you feel confident about your trading strategy then only you should code that trading strategy in order to turn it into a robot. Generally, not all traders have the advantage of knowing how to code a system, and for that, there are robots like Supertrend EA. This expert advisor can be used in any period to trade any currency pair. It is not advisable to use this robot to trade other assets such as commodities, indices, or precious metals, as the EA is designed to be used in Forex.

Basic version includes the following features:

  • Reverse strategy
  • Max Open Operations
  • Directorate of Commerce
  • Order Comment
  • Filter of propagation
  • Administration of Money
  • Closing the trend change
  • The order is still pending
  • Supertrend used as Stop Loss

Only the Pro version will have access to the following features:

  • Trailing Stop
  • Break-Even
  • Candle Trail
  • ATR Trail
  • Time/day filter
  • Conclusion

Service Cost

This is just one of many tendential robots. It is a good robot that works well. And it comes with a free basic version. The Pro version, which has all the above functions, costs 39.90 Swiss Francs. We consider this a reasonable price.


We have checked third-party sites and found no negative comments about this robot. This robot is a good option for those who want to get started in automated trading systems.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:

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