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Elite Tactics EA

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“Elite Tactics” is an advanced EA designed to navigate the market efficiently using automated strategies based on critical market levels. It employs pending orders for swift execution, incorporating sophisticated filters and safeguards against spread variations and slippage. Notably, the EA prioritizes stop-loss implementation for risk management.

Unlike riskier strategies such as Martingale, Grid, or Arbitrage, “Elite Tactics” steers clear of these approaches, prioritizing safety and stability in trading. This EA offers extensive customization options, empowering users to tailor settings according to their preferences. Additionally, it boasts verified real accounts on both MT4 and MT5 platforms, ensuring credibility and reliability.

Elite Tactics EA

Here are some recommendations for optimal usage:

  1. Risk Settings: Customize risk settings based on your account equity, ensuring alignment with your risk tolerance. Always conduct thorough back-tests to validate any changes made.
  2. VPS Server: Consider using a VPS server with minimal latency to optimize the EA’s performance and execution speed.
  3. Minimum Deposit: For micro-lot accounts, a minimum deposit of 100 USD is recommended. However, adjust this based on your trading goals and strategies.
  4. Default Settings for EURUSD H1: The EA’s default settings are optimized for the EURUSD H1 timeframe, providing a starting point for your trades.

For optimizing the EA further:

  • If you prefer a fixed lot size over automatic calculation, adjust the “FixedLotSize” parameter to align with your risk tolerance and account capabilities.
  • For lower leverage accounts, ensure adequate margin availability for opening positions, and manually verify even if the EA provides warnings.
  • To enable automatic lot size calculation, activate the “UseAutomaticLot” feature and modify the “RiskInPercentOfBalance” parameter. This setting calculates lot sizes based on account balance and stop-loss levels, reflecting your risk management preferences.

These recommendations offer guidance on tailoring the EA’s settings to suit your risk profile, account conditions, and trading preferences, enabling a more personalized and potentially effective trading experience.

Elite Tactics EA

Tips To Optimize The EA

This EA is fully customizable by the user so you can optimize your settings. Here is a short recommendation for your optimizations.

  • If you don’t want to use automatic Lot size calculation (as by default is fixed lot size), modify the FixedLotSize parameter based on your risk and account possibilities.
  • If you are using low leverage accounts, make sure you have sufficient margin to open positions. (This EA should warn you if you don’t but instead always verify by yourself).
  • If you want to use Automatic Lot size calculation, then select “UseAutomaticLot = true” and modify “RiskInPercentOfBalance” (RiskInPercentOfBalance means how much of your account balance are you willing to lose if there will be losing trade). The lot size is calculated based on the account balance and stop-loss level.

Main parameters to focus during optimization:

  • StopLoss (recommended range from 50 to 500) – Stop Loss in points
  • BasicLevelsStrength (recommended range from 15 to 30) – Main parameter to determine the levels strength
  • LevelsStrengthIncrement (recommended range from 15 to 50) – Additional levels strength increment
  • LevelsStrengthCount (recommended range from 1 to 5) – Adjust number of additional levels strengths to be analyzed
  • MaxLevelsPerStrength (recommended range from 1 to 5) – Adjust number of max found levels per strength
  • PointsBuyShift (recommended range from 0 to 40) – Bias in points for the pending price order BUY
  • PointsSellShift (recommended range from 0 to 40) – Bias in points for the pending price order SELL
  • BreakEven1 (recommended range from 15 to 40) – BreakEven 1st level in points
  • BreakEven2 (recommended range from 5 to 30) – BreakEven 2nd level in points
  • PointsLock (recommended range from 5 to 10) – Points lock in profit after breakeven (but it is also combined with the 2nd level of breakeven if activated)
  • TrailingStop (recommended range from 5 to 15– Trailing Distance in Points
  • TrailingStep (recommended range from 1 to 10) – Trailing Step in Points
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