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Silver Kangaroo Forex EA

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The Silver Kangaroo EA is an automated forex robot designed for trading XAUUSD (GOLD) pairs, typically available for purchase at $199. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this robot identifies potential entries by analyzing hourly and 30-minute candle formations.

Once an entry is detected, an intelligent algorithm manages the trade by executing three additional trades of the same lot size, with an option to increase the position size if desired. The robot employs two distinct take-profit (TP) strategies based on the number of trades placed. It also integrates an intelligent overlapping system aimed at minimizing drawdown (DD).

Important Recommendations Before Usage

It is strongly recommended to conduct thorough testing using a demo account for a minimum of one week to familiarize yourself with the functionality and performance of the free forex robot.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Trade exclusively with XAUUSD (GOLD) pairs.
  • Optimal timeframes for trading are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.
  • A minimum standard account balance of $1200 or an equivalent amount in a cent account is advised for optimal performance.

Before transitioning to a live trading account, ensure a comprehensive understanding of the Silver Kangaroo EA’s functionality and behavior in a demo environment.

Silver Kangaroo Forex EA

  • Starting Lot:The Starting lot size .
  • Multiplier / Set to 1 for Flat lot:If you do not want the EA to multilpy the size,please set it to 1.
  • Max Lot Martingale:The max lot size a position can reach.
  • Stop Loss:The stop loss.
  • Distance in pips between the first 4 trades:The distance between the first same lot sized four trades.
  • NEW distance AFTER four first trades:The distance between the 5th -6th -7th etc trades.
  • Max Sells:The max sells.
  • Max Buys:The max buys.
  • TP IN PIPS:The take profit in pips.
  • Close all when loss is greater than X percent of equity:After the specific x% of equity in drawdown,the EA closes its positions.

Silver Kangaroo Forex EA Silver Kangaroo Forex EA Silver Kangaroo Forex EA

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