GAP and TRAIL EA – [Cost $250]- For FREE

Unlock the potential of live account trading with the GAP and TRAIL EA. This automated trading system capitalizes on the power of closing price gaps (gaps) and leverages a trailing stop mechanism to mitigate risks. With a modest minimum deposit requirement of just $10, it offers accessibility to traders of all levels.

Trading Strategy Insights

Post-weekends or holiday breaks often bring about noticeable price gaps on the market, as reflected in price charts. Data suggests that these gaps tend to close, meaning the price retraces to the starting point of the gap. This robot’s trading strategy is meticulously crafted around this recurring market pattern. When a gap emerges, the robot promptly opens a position in the direction of the expected gap closure. Each trade is approached with individualized profit targets, fine-tuned to match market conditions. The robot also safeguards open positions with a trailing stop, adjusting to the peaks and troughs of the forming candlesticks, thereby significantly reducing trading risks.

The robot boasts a robust suite of protections, ensuring its effectiveness even in challenging real account conditions. Its flexible money management system adapts transactions to the accumulated volumes, allowing you to reinvest your earnings. These features collectively make the robot’s performance both secure and efficient.

Gaps are relatively infrequent on major currency pairs, typically occurring after weekends or holidays. Consequently, the robot opens trades sparingly, averaging between 2 to 4 transactions per month. These trades are meticulously executed, often with increased volumes, maximizing overall trading efficiency.

GAP and TRAIL EA – [Cost $250]- For FREE

Usage Recommendations

The robot is adaptable to various types of accounts, but for optimal performance, it is advisable to utilize accounts with 5-digit quotes, low spreads, and high execution speed. An account leverage of at least 1:500 is preferable.

In cases of floating spreads where an unacceptable spread may be experienced, you have the option to prevent trade execution by enabling the “Control the spread = Yes” parameter. The trade will only trigger when the spread is less than the value specified in “Maximum spread.”

Ensure that the “Maximum spread” parameter is set higher than the minimum spread on your account. A broker that offers a fixed spread of no more than 10-30 points is likely to yield the best results.

Optimization is typically unnecessary over time, but if you decide to switch to a different broker, particularly one with higher spreads, you may need to conduct optimization.

Key Settings

  • Magic Number: Unique identifier for orders.
  • Language: Choose the robot’s message language (English / Russian).
  • Trading Days: Select allowed trading days (Only Monday / All days).
  • Use Money Management: Enable automatic capital management (Yes / No).
  • Magnification Factor of the Low: Coefficient affecting lot size based on available funds.
  • Initial Lot: The starting lot size with money management disabled.
  • Size of the Gap: Minimum gap size allowed to open trades (in points).
  • Coefficient of the Take Profit: The gap percentage used for profit (0.2-1.0).
  • Stop Loss: Initial stop loss (in points).
  • To Control the Spread Before Opening Order: Toggle to control the spread before trade execution (Yes / No).
  • Maximum Spread: The maximum allowable spread for opening trades (applicable if “To Control the Spread = Yes”).

Results That Speak for Themselves

Extensive testing conducted on the Alpari broker’s standard real account quotes over 3-5 years has affirmed the robot’s stability and performance. During testing from 2017 to 2018 with a $100 starting deposit, impressive results were achieved: $30,000 on EURUSD, $217,000 on GBPJPY, and $98,000 on GBPUSD. These remarkable outcomes are documented in the provided screenshots.

Unlock the potential of the GAP and TRAIL EA for reliable and efficient trading. With its innovative approach and proven results, it can be your pathway to success in the forex market.

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