Forex Trade Scanner Pro Indicator

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Its Forex Scanner Pro indicator for MetaTrader is a revolutionary trading tool that analyzes the direction of trends in financial assets for trading. It is a trend-following indicator that closely tracks an underlying trend when the price fluctuates between various levels.

This indicator’s technical nature is built with a trend analyzer system that is accompanied by signal arrows, average daily ranges, and an instrument for resistance and support. This makes it an extremely reliable and precise trend indicator.

This indicator is appropriate for both experienced and novice traders of all levels. It can also be integrated into different strategies for trading, such as scalping, day trading, and swing trading.

Forex Trade Scanner Pro Indicator

Forex Scanner Pro Indicator BUY/SELL Signals

The image above shows how the indicator will appear on your MT4 platform after the installation. This Forex Scanner Pro indicator may be used as a standalone tool; however, it is advised to select trading signals that are in tune with the current trend.

The indicator is equipped with the buy/sell signals in green and red, respectively. The green arrows represent buy signals, and the red arrows signify a sell signal. The indicator can also automatically plot levels of resistance and support to identify possible reversal points.

BUY Signal To receive a high-probability buy signal, it is first necessary to make sure you are in a bullish trend (the indicator will automatically show that trend). If this is the case, you can start a buy trade when the green signal arrow appears.

SELL Signal The principles above are suitable for a setup that uses a SELL. The ideal trend is bearish. You can then start a trade in SELL after the RED indicator is displayed.


This Forex Scanner Pro indicator for MT4 is the most reliable trend-following tool that has the potential to increase your chances of winning. The indicator is completely free to download.

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