Bollinger Bands Stop v2 Indicator

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The Bollinger Bands Stop v2 Indicator is a comprehensive MT4 indicator for trading forex. It’s a great tool for spotting the entry and exit points of the course of a trade. The indicator is helpful to determine trend reversals as well as find out which way prices will be headed. These are essential aspects of trading, and that’s why traders utilize various indicators when making decisions.

Therefore, the indicator can be utilized in conjunction with other indicators and oscillators. It’s best to use RSI. It is important to note that the Bollinger Bands are amazing as a whole and are able to be used in a way as a standalone tool. But it’s never good to think about other tools for strategic planning in conjunction with one another.

Bollinger Bands Stop v2 Indicator

Bollinger Bands Stop v2 Indicator BUY/SELL Signals

To discern buy and sell signals, traders must take a look at the red and blue dots. The indicator is a great option for showing buy and sell signals. It will identify the best trading opportunities by highlighting entries and exits.

In the image, the dots in the charts, which are the Bollinger Bands Stop v2 indicator, are either below or above it. The price bar. The indicator shows red and blue dots. They are used to indicate how the trend is moving. If there is an asterisk, this means there is an upward trend. In this case, traders must consider buying with long-term positions.

However, the red dots suggest a downward trend. In this situation, it is advisable for traders to buy short positions and then sell them instead. However, of course, the hues of the dots are dependent on the trader’s preferences and are not set or unanimous.

One quick tip is that the more dots are separated from candlesticks or bars, the more powerful the trend is. If the dots are closer to the candlesticks, however, this indicates that the trend is weaker.


The Bollinger Bands Stop v2 indicator includes specific buy and sell signals that are based on dots surrounding the candlesticks. The distance between the dots and the candlesticks and the colors of the dots will help traders decide the best time to exit or enter the trade. In addition, you can download the Bollinger Bands Stop Version 2 indicator, which is available for free on our website.

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