Polynomial Regression Channel Indicator

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The Polynomial Regression Channel indicator for MetaTrader is the most effective indicator to determine an underlying market trend. It’s flexible and syncs perfectly with the direction of trend and volatility, in contrast to other indicators for channels that show price channels by drawing straight lines.

The indicator will allow you to find potential price reversal areas in addition to determining the trend direction (short-term as well as longer-term) that the markets have. This will help you open an investment position that is in line with the current trend direction.

The lower and upper bands of the channel indicator can be overbought and undersold zones that have active resistance and support levels. Additionally, the two bands (upper and lower) could also function as a buy/sell zone. The middle band, however, is the one that determines the degree of strength of an asset’s current trend.

This implies that the Polynomial Regression Channel Indicator is a great trading tool for both counter and trend traders. The indicator was developed to help you recognize trading opportunities across a variety of market conditions.

Additionally, this indicator is useful for charting and simple to use. The indicator is suitable for intermediate, beginner, and advanced traders. It could also be useful when you are trying to identify day/intraday, swing, and scalping trading opportunities.

Polynomial Regression Channel Indicator

How to Trade with the Polynomial Regression Channel

The image above illustrates what the indicator might look like in your chart for MT4. It also demonstrates how to spot an extremely likely winning set-up. In addition, this polynomial regression channel indicator is advised to be used in conjunction with other technical indicators and price action to increase performance.

The fundamental principle of trading is opening a buy/sell order when the price is trending towards the upper or lower band that the indicator uses. The best way to trade it is for you to watch the market respond (reject) towards the band below and then create a bullish candle prior to making the buy order, such as.

Refer to the screenshot above to get a better understanding. You can also set your stop loss to trail after the price rises higher (for buy trades) and below (for sell trades) in the center of the line. Then, you can take profit on the other band.


This Polynomial Regression Channel indicator for MT4 is a simple trading indicator that can be used to determine the areas of trend reversal as well as to define the tendency of the market. Additionally, it’s appropriate for both counter-trend and trend forex traders. The indicator is available to download for free.

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