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TradeTime v2 Indicator

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The TradeTime v2 Indicator on MT4 is a straightforward tool designed to indicate the trend direction by plotting rectangle boxes on candlesticks based on selected timeframes.

This indicator visualizes trend strength by illustrating boxes during robust trend periods and signaling trend exhaustion by plotting subsequent boxes. It’s most effective when applied to higher timeframes such as the H4, daily, or weekly charts.

TradeTime v2 Indicator BUY/SELL Signals:

Traders rely on the indicator’s box plotting to identify BUY and SELL signals. Typically, the indicator generates boxes at the onset of a trend. During an uptrend, it marks a box on bullish candles, signaling an opportunity for long positions.

In contrast, during a downtrend, the TradeTime v2 Indicator marks boxes on bearish candles, indicating a chance for short entries. Additionally, combining this indicator with others like RSI or MACD can further confirm signals.

In Conclusion:

The TradeTime v2 Indicator is a time-dependent MT4 tool that determines trend direction based on specific starting and ending hours. For those interested, the indicator is available for free download on our website.

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